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New Business Continuity Management (BCM) Alerting Solution

Managing Distribution of Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Documents and Incident Notification and Actions pages to Mobile Devices during a Business Disruption

Melbourne, VIC March 2012: OzMiz has released a self-service platform for non-technical people to compose and publish mobile media Channels for their organisation’s Business Continuity Plans and Incident content. This platform is ideal for sending business information to the small screens of smart phones, tablet devices and PC notebooks.

Delivered as a subscription service, it lets Organisations store their emergency plans off-site and broadcast them at short notice (incident) to key resources (Executives, Managers, Administrators, Health and Safety coordinators and other resources as required), should a business disruption occur.

Known as AlertMiz, it is ideal for delivering existing Contingency Plans to mobile media channels. Service configurations can be varied to meet the different performance and price points needed across differing industry and organisation sizes.

Risk Managers can produce small-screen versions of their publications - guides, BCM, BCP, evacuation, Health notices, alerts, phone lists and designate these by departmental process and work area – broadcasting a Mobile Channel within the hour. Page previews and message testing facilities also allow verification prior to going ‘on-air’.

“It’s not the sort of system you want to activate, but like insurance, it’s good to know you have got it available and it will do the job when called upon”, said Stephen Young, a senior corporate Risk Specialist based in Melbourne.

The first system was delivered in late 2011 to a global financial services company in Melbourne – servicing sixteen operational recovery plans. It includes methods for significantly reduced production time of instruction sheets intended for viewing on mobiles. Pages are optimised to match device screens so that organisations can deliver comprehensive information that is clearly seen and read quickly.

AlertMiz includes forms, contact books, calling trees, maps and templates for prepared messages. Private publications are encrypted and have password protected Channels for selective publishing to specific audiences, with viewer tracking - very useful to check if people have actually read their notices and are aware of changing situations.

Customisation and training is available for organisations extending their BCM to mobile platforms. OzMiz says its solution is extremely competitive, reaching a far wider variety of mobile devices than most others.

The obvious benefit is that Risk Managers can place the right information with the right people at the right time for effective notification and management of disruptive situations. They have very fast distribution of key documents, which aids command and control and communicates an awareness of events. Adding a system like AlertMiz to existing BCP improves business communications to stakeholders during an incident, speeds business recovery with prepared contingency plans and shows management capability within the business.

By incorporating prepared messages and contact lists, AlertMiz is also used to inform customers and business partners about service interruptions and provide them status updates. That gives a sense of confidence that a situation affecting people outside the organisation is being well managed. Good public relations are part of a good recovery plan, too.

More information about the service can be seen at www.alertmiz.com.au.


OzMiz has a global patent for communications technology that lets people tailor how they see information services on their mobile phones. Their tag lines are "You can be BIG on the small screen” and ”OzMiz makes it easier to use mobile media".

OzMiz clients produce and maintain Mobile Channel content and are represented across retail, government, education and service sectors. Their audiences - anyone with a mobile phone and active data plan - select Channels to personalise their phone to be in touch with the latest information.The company’s head office is in Melbourne, Australia, with regional representation in Asia and the Middle East.

For more about the Company, visit www.ozmiz.com