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Optimizer International Group, Inc. (FRA.3OP) poised to enter asian market

Establishes Hong Kong Corporation

April 12, 2012 Auckland, New Zealand: Optimizer International Group (“Optimizer”, “Company”) announced entry into the Asian marketplace in an effort to take its cloud technologies to the fastest growing Cloud markets in the world. In order to facilitate this entry, the Company has established a Hong Kong Corporation to facilitate local efforts and entry into the Mainland China market.

“Its not logical for a SaaS innovator like us to ignore the high growth asian marketplace, particularly mainland China. It is for this purpose we took the steps necessary to establish a base in Hong Kong to launch our technologies in neighboring markets with immediate effect.”, said Manas Kumar, CEO of Optimizer.

New research from Forrester indicates that the global market for cloud computing will reach a whopping $241 billion by 2020, encompassing everything from software to cloud-based platforms, with China (RNB 94.9 bn per year) becoming the largest Cloud Computing market in the world.

“The asian marketplace is nothing like the Americas or Europe where a lot of business can be done remotely using the traditional SaaS delivery model. In Asia there’s a clear need for localizing our technology as well as our sales efforts to serve a market that has a very different approach to business, technology and life in general. With the establishment of our Hong Kong office, we intend to deploy local assets and resources to hit the ground running and and expand as needed.”, Mr. Kumar continued, calling Hong Kong, the boldest move the Company has made this year.

About Optimizer: Optimizer HQis a fast paced ‘innovation factory’ that develops and delivers internet based software products for small businesses around the world on a “pay-as-you-go” business model. Optimizer products are 100% web based with nothing to download and businesses only pay a simple monthly charge to use the software. Its popular technologies include email marketing, SMS marketing, customer relationship management, search engine optimization, email list management, location based services and associated consulting services.