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Brain Resource Partners with Keas to Provide Innovative Online Brain Health Tools to Employees

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Brain Resource Partners with Keas to Provide

Innovative Online Brain Health Tools to Employees

SAN FRANCISCO-- (May 1, 2012) – Brain Resource, Inc., (BRRZY: OTC US, BRC: ASX), developer of innovative cognitive assessments and exercises to improve brain health, announced today that Keas will offer Brain Resource’s brain exercises and online content as part of the company’s social gaming-based employee wellness solution. Keas promotes a whole health approach to wellness, nurturing mind and body to manage stress and enhance resiliency in the workplace.

“The pace of work, amount of change and work-life balance issues impacting employees today demand greater cognitive flexibility, problem solving and stress management skills,” said Gregory A. Bayer, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Brain Resource, Inc. “An often neglected area of health and wellness, brain health is an integral part of wellness, especially at the workplace. We are excited to partner with Keas to provide our novel brain-based training programs to promote positive lifestyle changes and help employees achieve their goals.”

Keas is a cloud-based HR solution that brings together the power of social media and addictive nature of online games to motivate employees to adopt lasting healthy habits. By partnering with Brain Resource, Keas will be able to offer players the company’s proprietary exercises, such as Think Focus, Relaxation Room and Catch the Feeling, which are designed to reduce stress, heighten focus and promote positivity and productivity.

”The number one reason corporate wellness programs don’t work is a lack of participation,” said Adam Bosworth, co-founder and CTO, Keas. “Only by making wellness engaging, and truly fun, will employers be able to see a significant return. By integrating Brain Resource’s scientifically proven brain games, we’ll be able to offer players another fun activity that will have a positive impact on overall employee health.”

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About Brain Resource, Inc.

Brain Resource, Inc. (BRRZY: OTC US, BRC: ASX) translates new findings about the brain into engaging products for consumers, employers and clinicians to improve cognition and brain function. With offices in San Francisco and Australia, and agents in Europe and Israel, the company is underpinned by an international consortium of scientists and clinicians that bring together all aspects about the brain that are usually assessed independently. For more information, follow Brain Resource on Twitter @MyBrainSolution or visit www.brainresource.com.

About Keas
Keas is an innovative social game that promotes health and happiness in the workplace through game-play, social networking and rewards. Keas motivates and empowers users to adopt and maintain healthy habits and lifestyles, resulting in a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce. Founded in 2008 by Adam Bosworth and George Kassabgi, Keas is headquartered in San Francisco. More information is available atwww.keas.com.