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Boost customer engagement by adding SMS to your marketing mix with OpenMarket

With nearly 80% of the population owning a mobile phone, major brands, retailers and start-ups are using SMS to interact directly with consumers and drive new business.

Global mobile messaging and payment solutions provider OpenMarket’s Australia spokesperson, Jonathan Morgan, said mobile marketing is becoming a huge industry and should be part of any marketing manager’s armoury.

“We have seen a massive growth, particularly over the past year because SMS is an ideal fit into almost any organisation’s existing marketing strategy.”

However, the complex world of telecommunications providers, operators and regulators can be a huge barrier for marketers who are keen to add SMS to their communications strategy, Mr Morgan says.

“We take the pain out of navigating this complicated industry by providing a range of bulk messaging and premium payment services that enable the largest consumer brands to the smallest new digital content ventures engage directly with their customers,” Mr Morgan said.

“Think of us as similar to Visa or Mastercard which, for example, are the aggregator between Woolworths and your bank when you purchase your groceries via credit card. OpenMarket is the aggregator for a company and the telecommunications provider they choose to market their product with.

“It may be an old technology, but SMS is still the most personal and efficient way to connect with your target audience.

“Whether you are a national pizza chain wanting to enable customers to order via text message, a bank wanting to remind your clients to pay their bills on-time or a retail outlet keen to text special offers to VIP customers, OpenMarket is able to help access a target audience.”

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