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Western Australia’s first Hamam opens in Denmark

Luxuriate in an authentic Turkish bath

Western Australia’s first Hamam (Turkish bath) has just opened at Denmark’s exclusive boutique lodge Chimes Spa Retreat.

Denmark is located on the South Coast of Western Australia, 414km south-east of Perth, and is where towering tall trees meet the ocean. Denmark has natural attractions galore, along with wineries, art studios, and more, making it the perfect setting for a relaxing getaway.

According to Michelle Randle of Chimes Spa Retreat, there has already been an overwhelmingly positive response from South Coast residents to this new day spa service, so the Hamam is sure to be popular with tourists to the region.

“The universal appeal of the authentic luxurious treatment of the Hamam is the sense of community, social networking, friendship and relaxation that it creates – and the fact you can enjoy the three baths - the cold plunge, the warm bath and the hot spa,” Mrs Randle said.

Throughout history ancient civilizations have praised the virtues of daily bathing, not only for the therapeutic and wellness benefits associated with it, but also for its cultural and social aspects.

“After identifying the Hamam as an emerging day spa trend in the United States, we decided to take advantage of the fact our two Balinese therapists had experience in working in a Turkish Hamam,” Mrs Randle said.

“So we built Australia's second Hamam - the other one is in Sydney, and I believe Chimes has the only two trained Hamam therapists in Australia.”

A large communal treatment room has been created at Chimes Day Spa, which provides services in its own right, and also creates a place for clients between treatments. Mrs Randle said the Hamam was a fantastic addition to Chimes Day Spa’s already extensive list of treatments.

Chimes Day Spa currently have an introductory offer until the end of May. Book a Hamam session ($25) and bring a friend for free. Chimes will also tailor the Hamam treatment into three parts so clients can buy a Hamam Session and just chill out without adding the scruband massage.

For bookings phone+61 (0)8 9848 2255; open 7 days 8am-6.30pm. Visit www.chimes.com.au or email stay@chimes.com.au

Hamam treatment detail.

Hamam treatment:
The treatment is performed in the Hamam lying on the heated (40 degree) stone table, in a modern steamy, humid environment. Its purpose is to cleanse, relax and purify the body and skin. Starting off, the body's temperature is increased with a warm body soak using traditional copper Tas pans to detoxify the body and prepare the skin for exfoliation with the traditional Kessa mitt. The exfoliation will help renew the skin and leave it feeling silky and smooth. The body is then rinsed again. Your therapist then uses a conditioning olive based soap rubbed into a Torba and when combined with air, creates a cloud of frothy bubbles to wrap the body in. Once the body is lathered the therapist massages the soap bubbles into the skin. The massage is quite rough, especially for the men, and really cleanses the new skin layers as well as providing some degree of stretching and kneading of those tired muscles. To complete the treatment, the client is rinsed off under the Vichy shower on the ‘thinking’ rock. That ends the treatment but the client is encouraged to stay and enjoy the cold plunge, the warm soak or hot bath or pour water over themselves from the cold fountain (traditional).

For more information contact Michelle Randle at Chimes Spa Retreat on +61 (0)8 9848 2255 or email stay@chimes.com.au