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Recipe Sharing to Create Change

Funding from the Inner North Community Foundation helps break down barriers to employment for localpeople, like Hanim (picutred). Photo courtesy of Lindi Huntsman.

Cooking enthusiasts from all over Moreland, Darebin, and Yarra are sharing their favourite recipes with the Inner North Community Foundation this May for the organisation’s first ever Cook For Your Community fundraiser.

The fundraiser is an opportunity for local people to celebrate community diversity, culture, and a love of food by submitting a recipe to the foundation while making a donation to benefit community well-being.

Recipes are being compiled into a community cook book which will be available for free download on the Inner North Community Foundation’s website, www.innernorthfoundation.org.au, at the end of the month. Recipes in the book so far include mains, like Aunty Chicken, and desserts like Toblerone ‘Heavenly’ Cheesecake.

“The recipe book is a fun way to be involved with your community while helping local people build their capacity towards getting a job” says Miles Openshaw, the Inner North Community Foundation Communications Officer.

The Inner North Community Foundation funds employment projects assisting hundreds of local people in the inner north of Melbourne every year. “Participating in funded programs helps them become more financially independent, build self-esteem and confidence, and improve social and job networks” says Miles. Program participants face daily barriers to employment such as living with mental illness, homelessness, or limited job prospects as a migrant or refugee.

A target of $5,000 has been set for the fundraiser and money raised will go towards the Inner North Community Foundation’s 2012 Pathways to Employment grant round, which will assist more local residents to secure necessary work and life skills.

In an end of fundraiser event, those who submit recipes to the book can also be voted for by the public as recipe winners on the foundation’s Facebook page or by email. These winners will have the chance to cook with a trained chef in a commercial kitchen at CERES Community Environment Park on June 17th, 12 pm.

For more details, call Miles on 8689 1972 or email mopenshaw@innernorthfoundation.org.au. For more details about the event, visit www.cookforyourcommunity.eventbrite.com.

Photo opportunity and Media Enquiries:
Miles Openshaw on 0438 538 125 or 8689 1972

Visit our Flickr for images of Hanim:http://www.flickr.com/photos/innernorthfoundation/