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Talent Retention is your Best Growth Strategy

Executive leadership organization The Executive Connection urges SMEs to actively invest in talent retention to protect their most valuable assets

Businesses that don’t have a comprehensive talent retention strategy in place risk losing their key staff, according to executive leadership organization The Executive Connection (TEC).

As Australia slowly makes its way out of the GFC, many businesses are worried about losing their key staff – and not without cause. The latest Australian Employee Satisfaction & Motivation Study by SEEK shows that two out of every three employees are keeping an eye out for a new role.

During May to August, TEC has opened up the opportunity for businesses without a talent retention strategy to have their key staff experience the KEY Executive Program, which is designed for the personal and professional development of senior executives that report to the business owner or CEO. With better leadership skills, KEY Executives can help move their company towards a successful future

KEY Executive members meet monthly with a group of up to 18 senior executives from non-competing businesses. Each KEY group is managed by a TEC Chair, an ex CEO with broad business experience who acts as coach and mentor and understands the challenges of being a senior executive.

“Most business leaders know that retaining their star performers takes more than a pay rise. Training courses offer a range of development opportunities that can help in the short term but they don’t sustain change. Coaching is great for personal development but does not provide the collective wisdom of a group,” says TEC Head of Marketing, Diana Terrones

“To really make an impact on your senior management team, you should consider a continuous peer review program such as our KEY Executive program.”

Senior staff members stand to gain the most from being exposed to new technologies, strategies and operational methods that they can learn from their peers in different organisations. The ROI for the business is clear and key staff will be grateful that their skills are being challenged and kept up to date and relevant.

Businesses that want to thrive need to look after the people who understand and care about the organization. The senior management team can create success or failure and investing in their leadership skills will reap the best rewards.

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