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China breakthrough for 3D Networks

Announcement posted by 3D Networks 30 Jan 2003

Planet One's acquisition of Tong Guang-Nortel Limited Liability Company (TGNT), the manufacturer and distributor of Nortel Networks* Meridian* telephony products in China, signifies a major milestone in Planet One's objective to be the leading integrator of communications networks and systems for enterprises in the Asia Pacific region.
Singapore-based Planet One Pte. Ltd., a substantial investor in IT technology companies that provide synergies to its core business in the region, acquired TGNT on December 31, 2002 through its subsidiary 3D TGNT Holdings Pte. Ltd.
"3D TGNT will give the group a quality foothold in the vast Chinese market, where we can further develop our presence in the systems integration field," said Planet One's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Yoon Mun Chiew. He added that 3D TGNT will form part of the existing 3D Networks business, the arm of Planet One that focuses on the integration of communications networks and systems for enterprises.
"Throughout Asia Pacific, 3D Networks is a Nortel Networks channel partner and we see this move as strengthening this relationship and ultimately both of our businesses," said Barry Southern, president, Enterprise Solutions, Asia Pacific, Nortel Networks. "In 2002, we invested heavily in building our channel strategy in Asia to fully support our partners and we will continue our work in 2003."
Planet One's long-term objective will be to develop the company as a multi-skilled and multi-product enterprise to support the full suite of Nortel Networks Enterprise solutions. 3D TGNT will also be strengthened with a two-pronged strategy, involving the establishment of a direct presence in important major upcoming markets and the development of a comprehensive reseller network to cover the rest of the China market.
Based in Shenzhen in southern China, Tong Guang-Nortel was established in 1988 through a joint venture between China's Tong Guang Electronics Corporation and Canadian-based Northern Telecom Limited (Nortel Networks).
With a 200-strong staff, it has representative offices and points of presence in six strategic locations across mainland China, including Beijing and Shanghai. The company is the sole distributor of Nortel Meridian 1* based voice network products, and also has distribution rights for other Nortel Networks enterprise products.
Mr. Yoon said that through strategic and on-going investment in IT companies that add synergies, either by geographical coverage or by contributing products or skills sets - such as 3D Networks, Bangalore Labs, FCS Computer Systems, and now TGNT - Planet One was developing a powerful regional technology services network equipped to support global and regional enterprises in their information and communications needs across the region.
3D TGNT Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Charles Lim went further. He said "Planet One is now one step closer to making its 3D Networks operation a true regional pan-Asian player as a leading systems integrator with expertise in converged voice and data networks, especially concentrating on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology".
"VoIP technology, as an anchor application running over a unified communications network, is fast becoming a commercially viable technology that enterprises will adopt in the near future to minimise the costs of their voice communications," said Mr. Lim.
* Nortel Networks, Meridian and Meridian 1 are trademarks of Nortel Networks.
About 3D Networks
3D Networks is a regional systems integration company for both voice and data communications networks. 3D Networks has operations in Australia (five offices), India (five offices), Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines and Hong Kong. Its acquisition of TGNT will significantly expand this network. 3D Networks specialises in Call Centres, Internet Protocol based telephony (IP Telephony), and in collaboration with its sister subsidiary Bangalore Labs, value added network management services. 3D Networks has sole distribution rights for Australia for Nortel Networks M1 based enterprise products, and will have similar status in China through 3D TGNT.

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