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Taylors Wines backs quality wine with quality service through mobile sales automation

Taylors have made wines in South Australia’s Clare Valley for three generations. Standing out from the 10,000 other wine makers in Australia means Taylors has to not only produce the finest quality wines but support it with responsive service.

Taylors Wines traditionally used paper system; excel sheets and forms to manage their sales in the field. These systems lacked centralised management, scalability and standardised process.

The company has now implemented SalesAtWorks field marketing and sales automation solution in order to maintain their market leading position and grow market share.

SalesAtWork’s sales force management system provides a personal touch to Taylor wines’ business and improves sales control, inventory and customer-related processes all through smart phones, anytime and anywhere.

The system allows online access for representatives to become more efficient through the prescheduled call cycle. Activates such as facings, trade promotions, objectives can all be accessed and documented on road via the SalesAtWork. Sales orders can be made in store and seamlessly transferred back to Taylors SAP system.

In addition, SalesAtWork end-to-end easy to use solutions for managing the complete sales cycling from store to store with full reports, activity logs and reports of with multi-filters.

SalesAtWork delivers a complete workflow platform including administrative routes, inventory management and identity management

“From day one, we are able to record field work as it is completed,” said Susie, Project Manager, Taylor Wines. “Recording, consumption of goods, photos, distribution, raising issues is all now managed on SalesAtWork.”

“SalesAtWork provides single view of the customer experience and a collective view of the competitive Australian wine market”, she added. “This ensures our quality wines are supported by quality services.”

More information: www.salesatwork.com

Via: WhaTech