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New technology from QSR International makes analyzing social media and online data easy

QSR International today announced the release of NVivo 10, the first qualitative data analysis software that enables people to easily capture, work with and analyze social media and online data. Capitalizing on the rapid expansion of social media and the world’s rush to tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more; this latest version of NVivo caters to a modern landscape and gives people the power to easily analyze every kind of information.

CEO of QSR International, John Owen commented, “The way that we interact and communicate has changed rapidly with the advent of social media. Introducing NVivo 10 today, QSR International is delighted to be the first company to offer one comprehensive tool to efficiently capture, manage and analyze this ubiquitous data alongside other data types such as interviews or surveys – keeping NVivo users ahead of the curve.

The new feature debuting in NVivo 10 enabling this greater analytical flexibility and efficiency is the NCapture browser add-on. Owen explains, “NCapture is powerful and intuitive new technology that will revolutionize and streamline the ways people can observe and listen, deeply analyze conversations, trends and their changes over time.”

“With NCapture, anyone can quickly collect information from any web page, and from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and then analyze it in NVivo. NVivo 10’s powerful querying, text analysis and visualization tools like cluster maps and word trees will help to identify and test patterns and changes in trends, opinions, and sentiment for example.”

NVivo 10 can also be used in conjunction with social media monitoring tools; allowing users to take their social media analysis further to gain deeper qualitative insights.

As well as social media and web data, NVivo 10 supports new modes of data collection. With the ability to import files and notes from mobile apps like Evernote and from devices like iPhones and iPads, the information people collect on-the-go can be easily transferred into NVivo 10 for analysis.

“NVivo 10 supports a broad spectrum of research activities and for a researcher like me, who examines online communication and social media, the ability to import webpages, tweets, and visualize social media data using NCapture is a very excitingdevelopment,” commented Dr Sarah Pasfield-Neofitou, Monash University.

Offering users one great tool to support their research – whatever the topic – from start to finish, NVivo 10 is available at www.nvivo10.com.