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Being safe in small business is dangerous.

Simple growth wins in hard times

In a recent podcast of Making Business and Sales Work it was put forward that small business is being hampered by small business people. In hard times small business operators tend to get more involved in the day to day running of their business. This leaves them less time to concentrate on growth.

The small businesses that will succeed in the near future will be headed by owners that haven't taken this safe approach. If a small business owner employes people to do the day to day operational duties then they are free to concentrate on opportunities. There are opportunities everywhere if a business is positioned to take advantage.

After 9/11 the travel industry was in turmoil. Thomas Cook put off 20% of their staff and when the industry bounced back they were not in the position to take advantage. This damaged their market position.

Small business people that ignore the doom and gloom and operate in the environment which actually exists, rather than waiting for failure will grow; even in bad times.