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Organisations enable efficiency through field asset management

A common challenge for a service organisation is the management of dispersed assets, field workers, vendors and subcontractors. Add to this the demands for increased productivity and maintaining the complete workflow system the challenge can become a crit

The current market environment is forcing companies to embrace automated solutions to closely monitor service related activities to improve productivity and profitability.

When it comes to improving an organisation asset value, reducing the annual payroll and improving revenues, nothing beats the asset management solutions.

FieldTec are the leading provider of field asset and workforce management tools for the Australian Utility and Local Government Industries.

The company’s FOCUS solution provides full asset inventory check, problem-based maintenance, problem resolution, job location, job type, priority and expected response times.

FieldTec’s integrates your GIS solution which captures and converts all types of information directly from the field into multi-purpose maps. These maps can then be put forward to give asset managers and others real-time visibility into an integrated asset management program.

The inbuilt call taking facilities of FOCUS improves efficiency and response time for customer call for service. Additionally FOCUS Task Watch List feature is designed to monitor critical field activities that impact customers giving mangers and field worker the “heads up” on upcoming issues.

FOCUS is a scalable product and can be easily integrated into existing CRM, Asset Management and GIS software. The program is compatible with GIS solutions by Open Spatial and Intergraph; CRM / ERP by Thinking Windows and Civica; and Asset Management Solutions by Assetic, Hansen, and Minicom Ellipse.

What FOCUS can do for your business?

- Save 2 to 5 percent of your payroll preparation costs by eliminating errors, omissions and manual processes by automating work rules.

-Optimise employee resources, automatically assign schedules and make sure that the shifts are filled with work schedules.

-Allow remote workers to use their PC or mobile solutions.

-Easily manage changes to the rules and company policies.

-Enriches workers job history and enhances safety through the use of FOCUS alarms.

-Compile the cost of labor in relation to tasks, projects and services.

-Fully integrated with existing CRM, Asset Management and GIS software.

By exploiting advances in FOCUS field asset management, organisations can develop their operations without additional staff for increased profitability. In addition, the integration of these tools in to business process can dramatically reduce IT costs and inefficiencies, enabling staff to focus on asset management rather than IT compatibility issues.

More information: www.fieldtec.com

Via: WhaTech