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Local government finds solutions in mobile workforce management

Workforce management solutions give local government improved efficiency and productivity

People are the most important element for transformation in any public body. Most Local governments do not have the policies, processes and technology that allow them to maximize the energy and creativity of their workforce.
This is why government bodies are adopting a whole new category of technology solutions in the form of mobile workforce management to boost productivity and transform their organisations performance.

One of the most interesting new technology enables improved accountability of personnel working outside the office providing support services and maintenance. Mobile workforce management has become the driving force behind efficient, work order management, real-time monitoring and reducing paperwork.

Previously it was difficult to have control over time spent on each case or the effectiveness of the visit, because companies could not verify that the employee complied with the number of scheduled visits, time spent on each visit or that delivered a satisfactory solution.

Mobile workforce and asset management solutions allows local government to supply efficient support services and customer care off site. Providing immediate response by specialists to make optimal use of available resource. Workforce management solutions also organisations benefit from structured data collection about service calls enabling improvements in future customer interactions.

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