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Sales at Work: A Comprehensive Solution for Mobile Sales Force Management

REVIEW: SalesAtWork Sales Force Management

Traditionally, businesses have had to modify CRM with add-on applications to get the features and functionality needed for mobile sales force management. Many businesses found the process of finding the right application with the specific features that can integrate seamlessly with the business's existing CRM can be both expensive and time consuming. You might be wondering, "Is a mobile workforce management soutionthat provides a high return on investment with all the feature my business needs in one package?"

We discovered the developers of Sales at Work recognised the needs of the businesses that rely on an efficient and highy productive sales force. They have devised a comprehensive mobile sales force management solution with all the features needed to manage a mobile sales force. During our testing of this product, we found it provides all the functionalities needed by businesses to optimise the productivity, management, and efficiency of their sales force, the Sales at Work mobile sales force management suite provides a high return on investment.

The features of the Sales at Work mobile sales force management product include the following:

Data Management: The core of any successful sales force is having real-time access to account profiles, supplier information, and purchase patterns. We have found in our testing both the Sales at Work mobile sales force management and the trade promotions management products have advanced data management features.

Collaboration: The ability to work as a team rests upon the ability to share information and ideas freely. Our review of the Sales at Work products found they facilitate collaboration amongst stakeholders with its ability to share files based upon user profiles. Additionally, we used it to create moderated discussion threads for problem solving, brainstorming, and coaching.

Visit and Activity Tracking: We found these features allow both the sales force and management to categorise and prioritise appointment scheduling to maximise efficiency. Additionally, our testing shows the Sales at Work suites provide the ability to create and conduct employee and customer surveys and questionnaires with dashboards analytics to review the findings of the queries easily.

Scheduling: We used this feature to allow salespeople and management to schedule appointments based upon the needs and purchasing patterns of clients. Additionally, we found that management can cover missed appointments as well as those of salespeople who have called in ill or who are on vacation. The Sales at Work software also created timesheets in real time, which allowed management to manage labour cost and productivity of each team member during our testing protocol.

Orders and Field Services: The Sales at Work mobile sales force management software allowed sales team members to create proposals and orders, as well as obtain pricing, while they were with clients, which optimised their ability to convert sales into leads during our test sessions. Additionally, financial reports and data were created and accessed in real time during our trial use of the product.

We believe The Sales at Work mobile work force management solution provides optimal return on investment since it appears to have all the features a business needs to manage its sales staff included in the package. Additionally, this all-in-one package has the potential to decrease the amount of revenue spent on IT infrastructure and maintenance.

You can learn more about what Sales at Work can do for your business at (http://www.salesatwork.com/product.html).