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Rebel Sports Goes Live With Mobile OHS Store Audits and Reporting Powered By BlinkMobile

Rebel Group, part of the Super Retail Group Limited, has unveiled a mobile Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) audit software solution which will be used to help protect 5,000 staff across the company's nationwide network of 140 sports stores. Built on the Blink Mobility Platform the new process will dramatically cut the time required to conduct each audit and all but eliminates paper-based OHS audits within the Group.
The OHS system was developed by specialist IT services company and BlinkMobile partner, Multibase, using the blinkForms module which enables the rapid design and sharing of electronic forms across all mobile devices.  
The system will be used by Rebel Group regional managers to conduct on-site OHS audits twice each year.  Using iPads, managers are guided through a blinkForms-designed questionnaire, ascertaining store compliance with all relevant state and federal OHS requirements. Answers are entered either on- or off-line into the form and automatically uploaded from the iPad to the Group's intranet whenever an Internet connection is next available.  
If the answers indicate further activity is required for compliance, the system initiates a follow up workflow complete with deadlines and escalation procedures to ensure swift resolution.  
The system is expected to build on Rebel Group’s management understanding of OHS activity as all data derived from audits will be available for analysis via the organisation's online portal.  
Danny Trevisiol, Rebel Group Support Office WHS Coordinator, explains, “The decision to use blinkForms was heavily influenced by the ability to report by factors such as store, region or manager. Originally, we looked at developing the audit in Excel spreadsheets but then realised we had an opportunity to use the changing technology to cut down on paperwork and streamline reporting. That's when we decided to look at BlinkMobile.  We wanted a platform that would allow us to fully integrate and utilise the data a lot more, rather than simply introducing a mobile device to digitise a paper-based system.”
Rebel Group has more than 130 stores across Australia and employs over 4,500 employees.
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