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A Step Backwards for Collaborative Design Efforts

Interior Design

Networking and integration is the keystone of a successful and efficient interior design sector. Shared innovation is integral to the way in which design teams work, which is part of the reason that collaborative work spaces have skyrocketed in popularity and relevance when it comes to industry works this year.

State policy has made this kind of innovation pooling possible with South Australian interior design body the Integrated Design Commission (IDC) offering to bring these sector resources together, offering support and sharing ideas.

At least, that will be the case until the IDC is axed later this year.

Created in 2009, the IDC has been credited by many in the SA interior design sector as putting design back on the agenda in the state.

However, the body has been left out of this year’s state budget, with its role now expected to be filled through non-governmental avenues.

According to Treasurer Jack Snelling, the end of 2012 will see the work of the IDC and commissioner Tim Horton come to a close after making a number of successful design sector contributions. The initiatives and services developed under the program will continue on.

“Having reached that point, the Government has decide....

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