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Pental ‘cleans up’ its Trade Spend Promotion process

Diversified soap manufacturer benefits from better managed trade spend.

Pental has been providing a superb range of day to day cleaning products in Australia and New Zealand for more than 50 years. Building on its motto of simplicity, Pental has recently implemented SalesAtWork, a simple to use, yet advanced, cloud based solution to better manage its process of Trade Spend Management.

‘Our business has needed to change rapidly’ said Charlie McLeish, Chief Operating Officer at Pental. ‘As part of our change we needed to move off controlling the process of Trade Spend with spread sheets. We invest millions of dollars into promotional spend programme's with our customers each year and we needed to be able to have absolute clarity as to what manufacturing impacts this has, what monies we must accrue and then match, the effectiveness of our spend and how our account teams are performing’.

‘We reviewed the market and what we found was that the entry level for software systems in this area was hundreds of thousands of dollars, with no ceiling due to the high level of consulting required. This was not affordable. As part of our search we came across a new Australian developed product from SalesAtWork that covers this area and is offered as a cloud solution. For an affordable usage fee per month, we had access to a system that delivers on what we required in a very much simpler manner than solutions we reviewed both locally and internationally’ said Charlie.

SalesAtWork has been providing Sales Force Management solutions to many leading organisations in Australia and New Zealand for many years. Operating on all the latest mobile devices such as iPhones, iPad’s and Android devices, SalesAtWork has been at the forefront of this market with its cloud based affordable solution. As a complement to its Sales Force Management solution, SalesAtWork has released a Trade Spend Promotion Management module using the latest technology. Colin Rosen, Chief Executive at SalesAtWork said ‘Trade Spend is the second largest spend after cost of goods sold. While the ROI is easily measurable even with higher price system investment decisions, in the current market the affordability factor of what must be spent now, outweighs the ROI over time and prevents a large portion of the market making decisions. With its new PromotionsAtWork module, we are trying to enable organisations globally, with a path that is affordable, modern and easy to use. Pental has been one of our early adopter users to gain the benefits of our model’.

‘Without the need to invest in server hardware we are able to access all our information wherever we operate. Our New Zealand office can enter their forecasts and we have visibility across what is happening. We have a central repository for all information and an ability to get a rich set of information. While we recognised SalesAtWork was a new entrant into this market, the attractiveness of the model and the return for our business made it an easy decision. With their cloud philosophy we benefit from all upgrades that occur and keeps us at the forefront of our industry’ said Charlie.

SalesAtWork has created an alternative to spreadsheets to manage this whole area of trade spend expenditure. With trade spend expenditure globally running in excess of $100 billion improving the efficiency of its management should be high on the priority of every organisation engaged in sales promotions.

More Information: salesatwork.com