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Come and catch up with Readify at TechEd

This year, Readify are proudly sponsoring TechEd, which will be held between 11-14 September at Gold Coast. As well as hosting a coffee lounge area, four Readifarians will be presenting on the following topics:

Brendan Kowitz, Senior Developer & Technical Specialist -Web/Mobile

Building Responsive Web Applications with MVC4, WebAPI and HTML5
Slow websites don't cut it anymore. In this session, discover how to build Web Applications that have a beautiful responsive UI using components from MVC4 and WebAPI. Then, together with powerful client-side libraries like Knockout, we can enrich the user experience, target a variety of browsers and take advantage of the latest HTML5 standards. If you want to know what next generation web applications look like, you're in the right place.

Aaron Powell, Senior Developer, Technical Specialist- Web & MVP - Internet Explorer Development

Windows 8 application development with HTML and JavaScript
Having spent my career being a web developer and focusing on front end technologies like JavaScript, CSS, HTML and the promotion of these to a first-class development platform in Windows 8. So I decided to build a Windows 8 application using WinJS, but what was it like? What lessons were learnt and how can you avoid potential pitfalls when building a Windows 8 Metro application using WinJS?

Mahesh Krishnan, Principal Consultant & Technical Specialist - Windows Azure

Building Robust Windows Azure Applications with P&P Guidance
The Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Windows Azure from the p&p group provides some useful application blocks such as the Transient Fault Handling Application Block and the Windows Azure Scaling Application Block (WASABi). The Transient Fault Handling Application Block can make access to storage in the cloud more resilient to temporary errors by helping you add retry logic to your code, and WASABi allows you to automatically scale your application in response to changes in demand. Come and hear how you can make your Azure applications more robust by using these application blocks.

Mahesh Krishnan and John Azariah (MYOB)

Casablanca: C++ on Azure
Casablanca is a Microsoft incubation effort to support cloud-based client-server communication in native code using a modern asynchronous C++ API design. Think of it as Node.js, but using C++. Casablanca gives you the power to use existing native C++ libraries and code to do awesome things on the server. Come and watch John Azariah and Mahesh Krishnan show you how it is done.

Brendan Forster, Senior Developer, Technical Specialist- ASP.NET & MVP- ASP.NET/IIS

Windows Runtime (WinRT) Deep Dive
Description: The launch of Windows 8 has brought with it a lot of interest in building Metro apps. But what about the technology which lies at the core of this new platform - Windows Runtime? Join Brendan as he explains what this "WinRT" thing is and what it means for developers. He will demonstrate how to work with WinRT, how you can share code written in C#, C++ or Javascript, and how to unlock some secrets to the platform.
Hope to see you there!

More Information: www.readify.net

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