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Improve promotions planning, upgrade from a spreadsheet to professional trade promotion management tools

SalesAtWork give consumer goods companies’ insight into returns with PromotionsAtWork

If your organisation is still using spreadsheets to plan trade spend then you are making life hard for yourself and not reaping the rewards offered by next generation trade promotion management (TPM) tools.

Trade promotion is a complex, dynamic process that needs high levels of understanding and the correct tools to achieve return on investment. SalesAtWork's solution let companies quantify and optimise investment in their trade promotions giving companies insight into the potential financial return of a trade promotion before commencement of the campaign.

SalesAtWork’s TPM solution, PromotionsAtWork is a secure on-line software service suitable for any manufacture or distributor of consumer goods. The system is by design easy to use with a simple 10-step framework to achieve top and bottom line improvements.

PromotionsAtWork caters for forecast reporting needs of all key stakeholder involved in sales, supply and profitably. The role-based structure ensures precise planning of sales and promotions.

PromotionsAtWork sales forecasting allows for dynamic management of promotion across customers, groups and products. The "what if" feature lets companies plan a promotion using the information at hand. Built in controls and alerts reduce potential issues arising from dual promotions for a single product on the same day or days.

PromotionsAtWork offers flexibility in forecasting trade spend promotions, users are able to examine data across a single forecast period or across multiple forecast periods.

Through auto approval based on account manager or sales-reps profiles a trade promotion campaign can be put into action without delay.

The rich forecast abilities of PromotionsAtWork pull everything together in one place with predictive analytics and reporting for all sales channels. PromotionsAtWork provides a 360-degree view of pre-promotions campaign analysis.

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