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Developers prepare for greater user engagement with Windows 8 applications

Windows 8 Development specialists Readify ready themselves for the imminent release of Windows 8

Microsoft has already released Windows 8 to manufacturers and will give Windows 8 developers access to the software on Aug 15.

Windows 8 is the epicentre of the next big thing in desktop and handheld devices. The operating system will come alive through a multitude of native apps, an application store and third-party pre-installed applications.

Harnessing the sheer power of Windows 8, Readify aim to build applications that are more user centric, have minimal fluff and are easier to navigate. Windows 8 will revolutionise the way we access and interact with applications.

Readify is already working with their customers to help write Windows 8 applications that will be available in the Windows 8 store soon and have already presented on this topic at various community events and TechEd.1

Some of the features we’re looking forward to ...

Windows 8 replacing the icons with tiles that provide native application information.

The Windows 8 presentation style ensures that users get undivided engagement with the application. This is achieved through the fine-tuning of UI design in such a way that the content, hierarchy and actual application are more accessible than any superfluous design elements or navigation clutter.

Windows 8 promises;

Clean Layout for content by removing unnecessary design elements, making content and application logic information easy to access.

All Windows 8 apps are opened in full screen within a frame less application UI by default – eliminating distractions altogether. The application UI automatically adjusts for different platforms and display options giving a symmetrical user experience regardless of the device.

Windows 8 apps can be used with standard keyboard, mouse and all touch based input devices; providing users with absolute freedom of application usability. Windows 8 application operational environment is native to touch screen - keeping applications ready for the rapid uptake of mobile computing.

Readify will also be providing mentors to assist developers at App Fest, scheduled just before TechEd on the Gold Coast this year.

About Readify:

We are known for our exemplary record of dedication and performance in assisting our customers to achieve maximum results from their technology. This is evident through our strong track record of successful project deliverables. We are also recognised for our ability to attract, recruit and retain leading technology experts and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) from within Australia and Internationally. This is through our commitment to ensuring an ideal work/life balance for our consultants. We maintain a strong focus on professional development and continual learning for every consultant to ensure that they remain leaders in their field.

More Information: www.readify.net

Via: WhaTech