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Don’t Accidentally Poison Your Parrot with a New Aviary

Sheds4Less Releases Aviary with Stainless Steel Mesh

Melbourne — August 21, 2012 — Today Sheds4Less started to take orders and sell what they believe is the first widely available bird aviary that uses 304 quality stainless steel mesh which is guaranteed not to subject birds to zinc poisoning.

Alex Cochran, founder of Sheds4Less said;

“Over the years in the hardware retailing business we heard some real horror stories about bird lovers that had purchased a new aviary for their pet only to see their loved one start to fade away and die.”

The culprit here is zinc poisoning. Birds are highly sensitive to this heavy metal, particularly if they chew on the aviary mesh, which more often than not is coated in zinc plating to resist rust.

Cochran went on to say;

“You can reduce the probability of zinc poisoning from this type of mesh by scrubbing it down with a solution of vinegar and water before you put your birds in your new aviary. Most aviary instructions include this warning, but sometimes customers forget this step and the consequences are often tragic. We wanted to give our customers a quality product that is safe for their pets, so we decided that we would manufacture an aviary that uses stainless steel mesh rather than zinc. Stainless steel is clinically proven to be 100% safe for birds so it doesn’t matter if they chew on the mesh, they won’t poison themselves. Now stainless steel mesh is more expensive than zinc mesh, but if there is a danger of poisoning the family pet I know what I would choose.”

It’s About Love not Money

A lot of shed and aviary makers are always trying to cut the costs of manufacture so they can sell products for the cheapest possible price, however sometimes this is really not the best course of action.

“We are all for reducing costs and passing these savings on to our customers. In fact that this is what our business is founded on. After all you can’t have a business name like Sheds4Less and not live up to your promise. However where we cut costs is in our innovative packaging and distribution system which allows us to get sheds and aviaries directly to peoples home. We actually invest those savings into making a better product, plus passing some cash onto our customers.” Cochran added.

Innovation is the Key

Cochran said that Sheds4Less had a number of customers that had asked about manufacturing an aviary.

“At Sheds4Less we believe that being responsive to customer requests is a big part of our competitive advantage. Our best ideas come from our customers, it is then up to us to interpret these ideas and bring a product to the market in the quickest possible time and at the best possible quality we can produce. Because we are a shed manufacturer not just a shed retailer this means that we can respond faster and better than a lot of our competitors. We are already working on more products and more processes that will bring innovation to the shed market. In the end it is the customer that votes with their patronage, that’s where the buck stops.”

About Sheds4Less

Founded in 2012, Sheds4Less is a pure online garden shed retailer that has developed products and systems to make buying, erecting or installing a garden shed cheaper and easier.


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