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FieldTec Responds to Questions about FOCUS Business Processes

Mobile workforce management software FOCUS business process explained

Since FieldTec made its comprehensive mobile workforce management solution FOCUS available to utility providers and local government, they received many calls inquiring as to how a case progresses through the system.

They have decided to provide the public with a detailed description of how a case flows through FOCUS from start to finish. The following details will help answer the question,'How does FOCUS work?'

Steps of the FOCUS Business Process
Step One: When the call centre or manager receives information about a job, the staff member creates a case in the business's existing CRM or Asset Management service. Alternatively, staff can enter detailed case information into FOCUS using the case screen. During this entry, the priority level of the job, the response required, and the deadline for resolution of the case is established in the system.
Step Two: The dispatch team uses the data listed on the dispatch screen to assign the case to the appropriate field crew. The dispatch worker will have information about the case as well as detailed information about the crew. Some of the data included on the screen includes:
* The names of the people on the crew
* The current jobs the crew has to complete
* The status of the crew's current cases
* The location of the crew and their availability
Step Three: The field staff member will receive the new case in the FOCUS in-tray on their mobile device. At this point, the crew has a range of responses by using the events interface:
* They can use events to update the case status.
* Once the job is finished, the crew can outline the tasks undertaken to complete the job.
* They can also use the GIS to link assets and properties affected by the work
* Questionnaires can also be used to collect additional data as needed.
Step Four: The case is ready for review to ensure accuracy of the data.
Step Five: Once the data is confirmed, the case is closed. The data is then ready for transfer to other systems for analysis and reports or other functions of the FOCUS system.

In the event editors have further questions about the FOCUS system, FieldTec encourages you to contact them.

More information: www.fieldtec.com

Via: WhaTech