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FOCUS integrates with existing infrastructure

Mobile workforce management software vendor FieldTec explains integration possibilities of their core product

One of the questions FieldTec receives about FOCUS, its flagshipmobile workforce managementsoftware package, is whether FOCUS can integrate with a business's existing IT infrastructure. The answer is a resounding yes.

When asked about FieldTec's experience with integrating FOCUS with an organisation's existing software, Mark Hosking Managing Director said, "FieldTec has had extensive experience in integrating FOCUS into corporate and enterprise solutions. This includes the integration of FOCUS into GIS, Asset Management and CRM solutions. Through the use of FOCUS web services and application configurations, most integrations are achieved with very little development."

Here is a snapshot of the different ways FOCUS can integrate with your existing software to increase the efficiency of your operations.

* Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems: The FOCUS call taking module easily integrates into your CRM system and other third party applications. Some of the CRM software suppliers with whom FieldTec has collaborated with in designing interfaces include CARE, Civic, PeopleSoft, and Thinking Windows.

* Asset Management Systems: FOCUS works with your existing asset management system, such as those developed by Assetic, Conquest, Hansen (Infor), and Minicom (Ventyx) Ellipse to facilitate the monitoring of job status, asset status, and availability. Additionally, FOCUS can streamline assessing break fix details, asset condition reporting, resource consumption, and asset movement details.

* GIS System: Both the FOCUS master unit, which is based in an organisation's headquarters, and the FOCUS field unit interface with GIS systems, such as those offered by Open Spatial, Intergraph, GE and now Google Maps. This makes it easy for call centres to dispatch calls to the technician that is closest to a particular job site and for field staff to find its location easily.

* SCADA Systems: In the event the SCADA system indicated there is a system disruption in operations, FOCUS can take this information and give it a priority status in the dispatch queue.

If you want to learn more about how FOCUS can increase the efficiency of managing your mobile workforce, visit the FieldTec website athttp://www.fieldtec.com/.