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See the future success of your trade promotions campaigns with PromotionsAtWork

SalesAtWork details how their flagship TPM solution provides a consistent framework to prepare and consolidate budgets, accurately.

Since the ability to forecast revenue and stay within budget constraints are essential to the success of any trade spend promotional campaign, SalesAtWork proudly releases the details of the sales budgeting features of their PromotionsAtWork SaaS solution. So what are these features that can assist you in the financial management of your trade spend promotions?

PromotionsAtWork offers a user-friendly interface to enter prices and terms for accounts, which ensures accuracy and ends the need for tedious review of spreadsheets. This allows sales managers to focus on the performance of accounts, as well as their team members.

PromotionsAtWork allows your financial management staff to enter budget allocations and the anticipated trade expenditures according to accounting period, product, and the same of the account manager.

When your staff uses the sales and budget features of PromotionsAtWork, the can use the price and terms profile associated with the account. This allows staff to price budget items accurately to ensure the integrity of financial and account manager reports.

With PromotionsAtWork, management can control data entry by establishing limits for accounts so only product ranges associated with the account can be entered. This prevents mistakes that can cause loss of revenue.

When using the PromotionsAtWork sales and budget features, you can add notes for future reference. Additionally, these notes can be used to facilitate collaboration among members of the finance and management teams.

The PromotionsAtWork sales and budget interface allows you to colour code budget items and accounts in order to track changes easily and efficiently.

When the pricing or terms change for a product or account, you only have to enter the data once in the main sales and budget interface and then automatically update the budgets for all the accounts. This ensures both accuracy and consistency across accounts so reports reflect the true performance of accounts, products, and team members.

If you think these features of the PromotionsAtWork Saas suite will help you streamline the financial management of your trade spend promotions operations, or if you want to learn about the other ways PromotionsAtWork can help make your business work more efficiently, visithttp://www.salesatwork.com/promotionsatwork/sales_budgeting.html.

More information:www.salesatwork.com