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Wallmark Takes Front Fence Design to a Whole New Level with the Urbanwall Range

Wallmark offers a range of modular fencing solutions that allow homeowners to create stunning, customised designs to enhance the appearance of their property. Not only will this improve the aesthetics of the property but it will also positively impact the

The importance of fencing can’t be denied when it comes to a home. After all, it offers privacy and protection as well as helping to reduce the effects of noise pollution. However, installing a masonry wall as a fence can be incredibly expensive and cheaper solutions are rarely pleasing to the eye.

Wallmark, however, has created a brilliant solution that makes the best of both worlds. Their Urbanwall range of modular fencing gives homeowners a cost-effective yet highly attractive option that can be customised to suit their personal style. The system looks exactly like a real masonry wall but it doesn’t come with the same price tag, which makes it a great solution for most homeowners.

The Urbanwall range also gives homeowners the ability to express their own creativity due to the various styles available. Thus, various capping styles for the pillars, such as the plateau post can or the tableland post cap can be matched with different wall style ideas. Whether one prefers a solid wall or one that combines wrought iron with a masonry look, the variations are many, which guarantees that anyone can find something to suit them.

It also helps that the system is incredibly easy and quick to install. It is modular in nature so all that needs to be done is for the posts to be installed and the fencing panels connected to them. If one is handy around the home, they can likely do the job themselves.

Thus, with Wallmark’s Urbanwall, one can install a custom front fence that not only expresses their creativity but can also increase the value of their property due to improved aesthetics. Additionally, properties in heavy traffic areas will benefit due to less noise and improved privacy.

For more information please visit : http://www.wallmark.com.au/news/pr/fence-design-with-urbanwall-range.html