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Andable Helps Parents ‘Buy Better’ For Their Family

~ new online Australian marketplace combines everyday & luxury kids’ items with micro lending[1] to support small businesses at home and abroad ~


Andable Helps Parents ‘Buy Better’ For Their Family

~ new online Australian marketplace combines everyday & luxury kids’ items with micro lending[1] to support small businesses at home and abroad ~

Sydney, September 4, 2012 – Parents can now enjoy shopping for items and gifts that are more natural and sustainable, while ‘buying better’ for their children, friends and families, thanks to the launch of www.andable.com (from ‘willing & able’).

Created for Mums and Dads (or Mums to be) who want to nurture their family and use products that are handmade, unique, ethically produced and organic, Andable features items from independent, playful brands & designers, such as Mozzie & Mac, Bed Toppings (chocolate and toy-inspired bedding) and Gus & Ollie (unique, colourful soft toys), for those young or young at heart. 

With Andable, every sale supports a Kiva micro loan to a person in need at no cost to either buyer or seller.

Products on Andable must be a little bit FRESH. FRESH stands for:

•              Fair Trade or better business practices

•              Reborn – vintage, antique, recycled, upcycled

•              Eco-friendly

•              Support local business

•              Handmade

Andable features everyday, unique & luxury items from 200+ independent retailers and designers across 80+ categories in six countries, including health & beauty, home & garden, men’s, kids’ & women’s wear, pets, stationery & art. Anyone can set up a shop for free or buy and all transactions are facilitated securely via credit card or Paypal from any where in the world. The marketplace is growing all the time as new shops and products are added every day.

How the marketplace works:

1.       Sellers create a shop and list items, all for free.

2.       Buyer browses Andable.com and purchases directly from seller via credit card or Paypal.

3.       At point of sale, Seller receives 85% of the sales price.

4.       Andable receives 5% as commission.

5.       Micro loan fund gets 10% of every sales purchase, facilitated by Kiva.org.

6.       The micro loan gets repaid, and Andable pays sellers the 10% after three months, guaranteed.  The seller is left with 95% of the sales price.

“Andable is, quite simply, shopping with a conscience. Parents can indulge in beautiful and unique products for their family while buying better and helping people in need. We’re very excited because the more we grow, the more lives we change through Kiva,” said Melissa Dean, Co-Founder of Andable.

Andable has been co-founded by Rupal Ismin & Melissa Dean. The 10% mission was inspired by Rupal’s grandfather, who, despite growing up as an impoverished boy in India, always donated 10% of his income to charity.

For more information, or browse or sell, please visit www.Andable.com.

About Andable

Launched in Sydney, Australia in 2012, Andable is a global online marketplace with thousands of products for every taste and price range, from everyday items through to eclectic and hard-to-find products. We have more than 80 categories including accessories, health & beauty, home & garden, men’s & women’s wear, food, art, kids and more.

Andable is the most cost-effective and transparent marketplace for designers, creatives, declutterers, and independent retailers each with a unique story. Products on Andable adhere to one or more FRESH principles: Fair Trade, Reborn, Eco-friendly, Supports local business and Handmade.

Andable is a social enterprise which means every sale helps fund a micro loan to a person in need, all at no cost to you via our globally trusted partner, Kiva. Andable’s mission is to support small business, both here and abroad.

When you buy, we share.

Browse to your heart’s content at www.andable.com





For more information, please contact:

Jo Balfour


+61 405 542 018


[1] Micro loans are the provisions of small lines of credit to those who do not have access to typical banking services.  These loans provide individuals in need with capital to help start or improve their business, with the vision that low-income individuals are capable of lifting themselves out of poverty if given access to financial services.  
(www.Kiva.org, June 2012)