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Local Council and Utility Workers Bridge the Gap between Customers and Operation Centres

Recent study ‘The Road Ahead – The Future of Field Service Delivery’ recognised field workers as the new frontline in customer service

403.gifMobile workforce team members serve as the brand ambassador for every utility or local government service provider. Often these field technicians are the only face-to-face contact customers have with these businesses.

A recently published report 'The Road Ahead - The Future of Field Service Delivery' indicates business owners and management recognise the need to give their mobile workforce the tools they need to serve successfully as brand managers.[1] So how do field technicians acts as brand ambassadors and what tools do they need?

The Role of the Mobile Workforce 
A survey reported in 'The Road Ahead' found that 93 per cent of business owners and managers describe the members of their mobile workforce as their 'company face.' Moreover, 89 per cent of the executives in this study reported they viewed their field staff as an essential part of the image their company portrays to the public. Given the prominent role the members of the workforce play in these businesses, management encourages field workers to do the following:

  • Consistently deliver high quality service to customers
  • Improve productivity
  • Have knowledge of and promote company campaigns

The leaders of these businesses look to technology to serve as a communication bridge between their headquarters and their mobile workforce.

The Role of Technology in Enhancing Front-Line Customer Service 
When business owners and managers look for mobile workforce management solutions, they want the technology tools compatible with laptops, mobile phones, and tablets that can do the following:

  • Streamline communications with the members of their field staff
  • Help create a customer-centric culture
  • Develop cohesive relationships between office-based employees and staff members in the field

Mobile workforce management solutions, such as FieldTec's FOCUS, can help field technicians provide the highest level of efficient customer service by

  • Allowing dispatch and call centres to track the location of worker and the worker's progress
  • Permits the dispatch of new service calls in real time
  • Adjust schedules so no appointments are missed when employees are absent

In addition to facilitating management and call centre functions, mobile workforce solutions improve on-time service delivery, which 81 per cent of business executives identify as a key component of customer satisfaction. As 61 per cent of businesses expect to add staff to their mobile workforce, applications such as FieldTec's FOCUS are becoming essential tools for ensuring the best customer service possible.

[1] http://bdaily.co.uk/news/business/20-08-2012/maximising-the-new-mobile-workforce/

More information: www.fieldtec.com

Source: WhaTech