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Mobile Workforce Management Solutions Facilitate Smart Meter Transition

FieldTec's FOCUS can ease the transition to smart meters for both utilities and consumers.

As more utilities move toward the use of smart meters, they face the challenge of managing the cost of installation and having their customers accept the use of the meters. One of the factors that contribute to the cost of installation is the field technician not being able to access the meter location because of a locked gate or a dog in the yard. When customers have to wait at home not knowing when the field technician is going to arrive decreases their level of satisfaction with the utility and leads the customer's to resist the deployment of the meters. How can mobile workforce solutions resolve these issues?

Customers Reminder Calls Saves Money on the Cost of Smart Meter Deployment

Missed installation appointments account for 20 per cent of the cost of smart meter deployment. While most utilities send out postcard a week before the installation of a smart meter, but this method proves to be ineffective. Customers often forget about appointment or the appointment might be at an inconvenient time.

Mobile workforce management solutions can prevent these issues in the following ways:

  • When mobile workforce management solutions are integrated with CRM, automated phone calls can remind the customer the day before the appointment.
  • The real time scheduling features available in mobile workforce applications, like FieldTec's FOCUS, informs field technicians when an installation has been rescheduled, so they can go to their next appointment. This improves the productivity and efficiency of the mobile workforce.
  • If the event there is an issue with the installation, the field technician can contact customer service who can then contact the customer. Often the problem is resolved, so there does not have to be a return visit to the home.

Studies show the use of mobile workforce management solutions, such as FieldTec's FOCUS can reduce no show rates by as much as 20 per cent.

Reduced Frustration Leads to Improved Customer Satisfaction1

Another advantage of the use of mobile workforce management solutions when deploying smart meters is a reduction in frustration amongst the customers and the field technicians. Communication is facilitated so there is a reduction in miscommunication. This translates into improved customer satisfaction, which means they will welcome their new smart meter.

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Source: WhaTech