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Amit Garg, Co-founder And Director At Upside Learning, To Facilitate The Corporate mLearning Week In MobiMOOC 2012

The second edition of MobiMOOC has started on 8th September, and will run until 30th September. Of the many impressive weekly sessions lined up for these 3 weeks is the Corporate mLearning week starting from 23rd September. And facilitating this is Amit Garg, Co-founder and Director of Custom Learning Solutions at Upside Learning.

The entire week will see Amit sharing his expertise on mobile learning, and its role and necessity in the corporate world today. Some of the MOOC topics that will be covered by Amit include:

·         The potential of mLearning
- Why is Mobile unique?
- What is Mobile Learning?
- What can mLearning help a corporate in?
- Why escaping mobile learning is impossible?

·         Busting the myths of mLearning

·         Getting started – Key elements in implementing mLearning in workplace


Below is the schedule for Amit’s webinars during the Corporate mLearning week:

Webinar Topic : Understanding Mobile Learning

Date/Time : Monday, 24 September 2012 | 10.30 AM, Brussels time

Webinar Topic : How to implement mLearning in workplace

Date/Time : Tuesday, 25 September 2012 | 3.00 PM, Brussels time

Webinar Topic : Future of mLearning in workplace

Date/Time : Friday, 28 September 2012 | 3.00 PM, Brussels time


Through these webinars, participants will be able to understand and appreciate the potential of mLearning in the workplace, understand the key elements of mLearning implementation strategy, identify the myths related to mobile learning and learn how mLearning can actually be implemented in the workplace through examples.


Talking about his selection as a course coordinator for MobiMOOC, Amit Garg commented, “MobiMOOC 2012 has a very impressive faculty to conduct the weekly sessions on mobile learning and related topics. I feel absolutely honored to be included amongst them and I look forward to interacting and learning from the participants of these sessions.”


Organized by Inge Ignatia de Waard, and already running in its second week, MobiMOOC 2012 is divided into three weeks with each week covering different course topics related to mLearning. A unique initiative exclusively on mobile learning, it invites industry experts to share their knowledge on mobile learning and embark discussion and open dialogue between the audiences. All the courses conducted on this open platform are freely available to everyone.


Interested individuals can register for MobiMOOC 2012by becoming a member of the Google group.


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