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Local startup champions digital recruiting; connecting employers to untapped talent

October, 2012 – Decade old referral reward programs are now lending their powers to recruitment thanks to local startup Yolpme who have spearheaded word-of-mouth recruiting via social media. The social recruitment platform lets employers’ crowd source using targeted social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email to locate the best talent for their company. With 54% of social media users searching for work on a social network in the past 12 months, Yolpme is a channel guaranteed to please the masses.

At its most basic, Yolpme encourages people to connect their friends and colleagues with real job opportunities advertised on the platform. To incentivise people to refer appropriate candidates, Yolpme rewards successful referrers with payment which is what ultimately drives the referrals. The system garners greater reach for employers allowing them to locate hidden talent that would otherwise go unnoticed whilst word-of-mouth recommendation facilitates greater credibility; research showing thirty-six per cent of American’s in 2011 were placed through referral making it the number one source in hiring volume.

By empowering people to locate jobs for friends and talent for companies, Yolpme is revolutionising the way in which employers recruit whilst providing new ways for the average Australian to participate in a rewarding activity that earns them money.

“The social web and sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have greatly expanded our ability to connect, reach out and influence - we are now irrevocably linked to many people beyond our family and close friends. Traditional recruitment methods namely online job boards, newspaper advertisements and internal postings are no longer the most direct way to recruit or the best at sourcing talent,” said Co-Founder Patrick Gallagher.

With 92% of Australian companies planning to use social media networks for recruiting in 2012, Yolpme couldn’t have come at a better time. “Research has revealed fifty-four per cent of job seekers use social networks to search for jobs. With statistics like this companies need to embrace the move into the online social sphere if they haven’t already. Those who don’t are greatly limiting their reach; ultimately hindering the recruitment process,” said Gallagher.

By tapping into the crowd sourcing phenomenon, Yolpme takes advantage of people’s newfound desire to connect to local and global connections and actively participate in the job scouting process. “Crowd sourcing underpins Yolpme; it’s a faster, cheaper and more effective way to achieve good results which is why companies are keen to embrace it,” said Gallagher.

Yolpme has already hosted jobs from 14 companies including Toyota, Swisse Vitamins, S2M, Aegis Media, WhistleOut, 2XU and eChannel Search. Current roles on Yolpme range from developers, search managers, designers, customer service staff to C-Level appointments.

David Jackson, Founder and CEO of S2M (leading media, marketing and communications recruitment agency) commented “traditional advertising is a thing of the past for today's leading recruiters. We see Yolpme as an internet service we need to partner with to stay ahead of the curve; 80 per cent of the talent we place comes from active referrals generated by our staff.”

About Yolpme
Yolpme is an online recruitment platform for employers to crowd source referrals, via targeted social media channels to obtain the best talent for their company. Yoplme is faster, cheaper and more powerful than traditional recruitment methods.

Yolpme uses cash incentives to merge the power of peer-to-peer referral with the speed, efficiency and reach of social networks.
Yolpme was co-founded in Australia by Patrick Gallagher, Mike Costin, Meng Zhao and Roland Irwin in 2012.


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