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Queensland Urban Utilities now uses FieldTec's FOCUS to enhance customer satisfaction and help prevent system failures

Queensland Urban Utilities is constantly looking for ways to improve and enhance their water services. Additionally, they need their field crews to work efficiently in order to keep rates low. How have they used technology to achieve these goals?

FOCUS Keeps the Water Field Crews On-Task and On Time

Queensland Urban Utilities crews have started carrying tablets equipped with FOCUS, the mobile workforce management tool from FieldTec, which is fully integrated with the Council's systems. FOCUS streamlines communications amongst the field crews, the dispatchers, and the call centre staff with messaging very similar to SMS, except in more detail. This real time communication and flow of information allow the Queensland Urban Utilities to provide exceptional service to their customers.

A Day with a Queensland Urban Utilities Crew and FOCUS

When a member of the Queensland Urban Utilities starts their day, he just picks up his tablet from his home docking station. Once he gets into his truck, the field crewmember plugs the tablet in the charger, inserts the smart card into the tablet, and then logs into the system. FOCUS provides him with his schedule for the day. He can then use the stylus to press the 'In Transit' button and provide an estimated time for his arrival at the job site.

Once at the site, the crewmember uses FOCUS to inform dispatch he has arrived at the job site just by hitting a button. The system will fill in the date and time automatically, while providing the crewmember details about the job.

The work order screen contains information about what a job involves, what is needed to do the job, and if the crew is able to do the job as allocated by the call centre and dispatcher. When a new work order comes in, a chime alerts the crew. They can either accept or decline the job.

When the job is finished, he uses a drop down menu to indicate the point of failure in the system and what action he and his fellow crewmember took to remedy the situation. This assists engineers and management in developing ways to prevent similar system issues in the future. At the end of the day, the crewmember just logs out of the system.

When using the FOCUS system, work crews can go directly to job sites without having to start their day by going into the main office. The simple intuitive user interface allows the field crews to direct their attention to completing their work, instead of stopping to do reports. Together, these features lead to expeditious completion of jobs, which improves customer satisfaction.

To learn more about FOCUS, visit: www.fieldtec.com

Source: WhaTech