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SalesAtWork simplifies complex data analysis needed to manage a mobile sales force to keep the team focused

Data driven focus is the key to success for mobile sales force management

When it comes to managing a productive sales team, keeping both the management team and mobile sales force focused on customer satisfaction and productivity is essential for success. In order to stay focused, a sales manager needs to have an efficient means of collecting and analysing data. Additionally, this information needs to be communicated to sales team members on a regular basis. What is the most efficient means of collecting and disseminating data for focused mobile sales force management?

Sales Team Focus Is Data Driven

The key to keeping a mobile sales force focused is to have data driven leadership. In order for focused mobile sales force management to be effective, the data must be accurate, accessible, and organised.

Some of the data a sales manager needs for focused mobile sales force management includes information about accounts, the call cycles for various territories, product lines, and performance data for members of the sales team. Of course, this information must be in a format that is organised so it makes sense to both the manager and the members of the sales team. Additionally, the information must be in a format that can be accessed by team members when they are in the field.

Frequent Communication and Real Time Data Exchange is Essential

Traditionally, the data needed to keep a sales team focused was compiled in spreadsheets and only accessible when the team member was in the office. Moreover, the only time this data could be updated was when the team member reported it during a team meeting or filed a sales report.

Old fashioned spreadsheets resulted in an unfocused and inefficient sales team. Often managers found they were making leadership decisions based upon out-dated information. The result was lost sales and complaints about poor account service.

With the introduction of mobile sales force management solutions, such as SalesAtWork, managers can access both data, as well as performance analytics. Moreover, this information can be disseminated to the mobile sales force in real time.

Another key ingredient of focused mobile sales force management is collaboration amongst the managers and team members. Digital tools, such as SalesAtWork, facilitate the exchange of data, which allows real time communication to update data and provide flexibility for the member of the sales team in the field.

Setting the Standard for Excellence

Since everyone approaches problem solving in a different manner, keeping a mobile sales force focused requires setting standards, especially when it comes to data reporting. This facilitates the collection of relevant data in a format that is easily accessible.

Standardised pen and paper form used to be the common means for a mobile sales force team member to file sales reports. This method often led to errors and delays in compiling management reports. Mobile sales force SaaS applications can pre-populate forms so the data is accurate for management analysis.

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