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FieldTec will soon release its newest product, CONNECT, designed to strengthen their offering of mobile workforce management abilities in the field.

FieldTec announce imminent release their new product for mobile workforce management

CONNECT is a mobile computer device that utilities and local councils can install directly in work trucks that allows a field crew to stay in constant contact with the main office and giving them access to data services previously only available to office bound workers. This type of mobile communication is vital for organisations that typically have many teams at various worksites, and can significantly increase businesses' productivity and efficiency.

This off-the-shelf product can easily be installed with no configuration required, and is compatible with various mobile solutions, such as FieldTec's popular FOCUS product. CONNECT is a Wi-Fi ready mobile workforce management solution that can connect through numerous mobile protocols including the 3G network, for fast and reliable connectivity.

FieldTec provides comprehensive mobile workforce management solutions for utilities and local government. It is the creator of FOCUS a system that is a proven and reliable mobile solution that is already helping improve many organisations field asset and workforce management.

CONNECT makes use of GPS, as an automatic vehicle locator, allowing the main office to know exactly where each work crew is throughout the day. This is a very valuable tool for organisations, such as local councils, giving them a reliable, real time tool for locating its field crews and gaining efficiencies by reducing traveling times between jobs.

This product provides telephone communication between the crew in the field and the main office, and includes a VoIP telephone headset capable of hands free communication. The external speakers provide workers with the option of using the auto-answering feature that allows for teleconferenced team meetings at the worksite.

CONNECT includes a clear 7-inch or 10-inch touch screen display that is easy for the crew to use in various work environments. The touch screen application allows the employees to use a powerful set of the features simply by following the onscreen instructions.

CONNECT includes a video camera that allows pictures to be taken directly at the worksite and reported back to the head office immediately. This feature helps the crew alert the head office instantly of any worksite issues that may occur, so the problem can be corrected quickly and efficiently.

The video camera feature also works as a security system by capturing video from the mounted camera and then sending the pictures to the main office. This feature provides extra safety and security for all the company's assets, including the field staff and equipment.

A real-time remote support system will change how organisations interact with their employees, and will allow for better and more efficient communication with the client. CONNECT is the perfect asset management solution for any organisation that sends employees out in the field, and want better communication ability.

CONNECT will be an invaluable tool for many organisations by providing them with reliable and efficient communications with employees in the field. CONNECT is certain to increase productivity and eliminate wasted time due to lack of communications, which will greatly improve any organisation's management of their mobile workforce.

To learn more about FOCUS, visit: www.fieldtec.com

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