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Wallmark Decorative Panel Fencing Controls Noise and Enables Privacy for The Summer Season and Beyond

Both residential and commercial prefabricated walls and decorative panel fencing from Wallmark can isolate sound and enable complete privacy. While quite stylish, Wallmark fencing does not sacrifice durability or build quality.

With the summer season approaching along with associated outdoor activity, residents with outdoor gathering areas are searching for decorative panel fencing to isolate noise and assure privacy. Wallmark carries a complete line of acoustic barriers, sound proofing panels, garden feature walls, and a wide range of other durable modular fencing solutions. For those on a budget, the Wallmark site also explores DIY fence options.

Evowall is Wallmark’s cost-effective noise control solution. Posts and caps are fabricated from aluminium, a strong surface that will resist corrosion over time. Evowall panels can be finished with a wide range of coatings to offer increased resistance to the elements. For areas in which high winds or cyclones are possibilities, the system can be equipped with larger, heavy-duty posts. Even in areas without these threats, larger posts may be used at each end with smaller posts in the middle to improve durability and style.

For larger urban residences, the Urbanwall system brings unmatched style and the sturdy look of masonry. It can also be used commercially for parkland barriers and commercial property borders. Urbanwall systems are made up of masonry-like panels surrounded by large pillars for visual appeal and increased lifespan. A variety of wall cappings are available which can transform the system to look seamless in any urban environment.

Evostyle feature walls are Wallmark’s answer to residential garden walls. Since they’re made from light-weight aluminium, there’s no need for the use of heavy lifting equipment, which can damage the very garden being protected. Evostyle walls were designed to go beyond the traditional flat wall with a number of unique configuration options. They can also be used as an acoustic barrier to keep up to 39DB of sound either in or out of the area.

For DIY fences, Wallmark recommends their Vistawall product line. Its primary application is to hide or protect small areas such as BBQ pits, patios and rubbish collection areas. A virtually limitless number of modular designs can be created without the formation of gaps in the barrier.

Source: Wallmark Decorative Panel Fencing Controls Noise