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Australia's Finest Lager

Australia’s Finest Lager

Australia’s Finest Lager

Old Time Premium Lager

Old Time is the Finest Australian Craft Premium Lager..

As we lager our beer for about a month in bond before releasing it to the market, we really do have the famous 5th ingredient... Time

You really have to try this Legendary Lager...

Like the blended malt Scotch whiskey, Old Time has beautiful characteristics that it's four malts provide, with a very low bitterness (the International Bitterness Units (IBU’s) are 12) creating, that very pleasant finish on the after-palate..

Naturally Brewed with no preservatives..

Tasting Notes on Old Time by Rory Bridges in Brews News

The beer pours with a large, quick acting head atop a body of coppery amber, much richer looking than the average lager. The aroma too is promising.

Instead of the faint suggestion of grass one usually gets from these beers, it presents a malty aroma of caramel, slight toffee and a touch of powdered chocolate.

Old Time’s aim was creating a beer with no bitterness and they have succeeded in that 100%. The beer is all sweet malt with no presence of hops.

Old Time Brewing suggested drinking it at 4° – 6°, to let the malt profile show, which manifests as light caramel and toffee notes. With a lighter carbonation than you’d expect, the beer has a soft mouth feel. In summary, it’s a bit like that last gulp of scotch once all the ice has melted.


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