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Swissvoice launches stunning next generation phones in Australia

See them here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVNp2nCB7xw

Swissvoice, a European leader in original telecom products for the home and mobile industry for more than a century, today announced it has launched the ePure line in Australia.

The ePure series offers products with high-quality audio and ergonomic design for calls at home, at work, and on the go. From a cordless phone upgrade to an entirely mobile lifestyle, ePure delivers modern, safe, and comfortable solutions with iconic style.

The ePure products include:

ePure Bluetooth station: An ergonomic handset and docking station that connects to your smartphone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth 2.0. This all-in-one station helps your mobile device meet your home and business needs. Make and receive mobile calls with the wireless, portable handset with enhanced comfort and improved audio you can carry with you. The handset’s stereo speakers produce a crisp, clear sound for chatting or streaming music. The station will also charge your phone — the BH01i is equipped with a sliding iPhone/iPod dock and the BH01u has a USB port to charge all makes and models and also works with the iPhone 5. Both are available now for $159 and $149 respectively.

ePure corded mobile handset: Plugs directly into your smartphone or tablet to make conversation more comfortable and provide high-quality audio. Designed in five trendy colors, this stylish handset works in universal mode with any mobile phone or “Made for iPhone” mode which enables the handset to control the iPhone’s volume, launch SIRI, and receive calls. The corded handset plus cradle (CH01) is $49.00

ePure Dect cordless home phone: Your home phone will never be the same with this high-end cordless phone that serves as a functional piece of art in any modern house. The handset’s large acoustic chamber and speakers optimize sound volume and clarity. The ergonomic design allows the user to comfortably hold the handset and reduces acoustic leakage. The DECT phone is available for $99.00

The award-winning ePure products also utilize Fulleco technology to drastically lower the body's exposure to electromagnetic emissions. All ePure products keep potentially harmful emissions from travelling near the head. These products deliver 65% lower emissions and, with less power consumption, are less harmful to the environment.

The ePure range is available from Myer, Harvey Norman, David Jones and JB Hi Fi. For more information on Swissvoice and the ePure products, visit www.swissvoice.com.au

Review products are available for media:

Further info contact Jemima Taeni Cape Public Relations on 02 8218 2190

About Swissvoice Swissvoice, established in Switzerland since 1893, is a leading developer of original telecommunications products for the home and mobile industry. The foundation of Swissvoice's success is its market experience in Switzerland coupled with the company's technical know-how and innovative prowess. Swissvoice combines sleek, modern style with pioneering technology, health and environment consciousness, and audio performance to bring something different to the market.