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Summer Heightens Use of Outdoor Furniture from Unisite

Aluminium bench seating, commercial barbecues, and street furniture bins are just a few examples of outdoor furniture manufactured by Unisite which is being put to use as the weather warms and summer approaches.

Across Australia, electric barbecues are being primed in preparation for another blazing summer, and it’s a good bet that many of them were produced by Unisite. Just one of many types of outdoor furniture offered by Unisite, these machines are both environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Where there’s a barbecue, there’s inevitably a need for high capacity bench seating and tables. Unisite boasts several lines of stylish, rugged tables that are sturdy enough to handle anything summer revellers can place upon them. Sealed coatings mean the table will look like new five or even ten years down the line. Bench seating associated with these tables will also hold up well to the unforgiving Australian environment. Benches are available in a wide array of configurations and coatings so as to marry style and function.

When the outdoor bbq  is shut down, attendees and staff will need a place to dispose of trash that can’t be easily displaced or disturbed. That’s why Unisite designed their line of street furniture rubbish bins and enclosures. Retractable bollards prevent the bins from being vandalized and the contents from being scattered by animals.

From the barbecue to the Australian outdoor furniture that surrounds it, Unisite is on a mission to be a leading innovator, developer and provider of street and outdoor furniture. This, coupled with their dedication to their community and environmental responsibility, has won them clients across Australia. Thanks to the company’s heralded vision, they have been awarded several major projects in Queensland and beyond. Their ongoing support and lengthy product warranties have earned them many repeat customers over their 20 years of operation.

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