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The click-friendly website helping consumers to save instead of spend at Christmas

One Australian website offers the opposite of a 'click frenzy'

With the recent disappointment by consumers over the Click Frenzy website crash and retailers disappointment over loss of sales, one Australian website is offering the opposite. 

Click-friendly website savingsroom.com.au is offering consumers thousands of tips for helping them to save at Christmas rather than spend. 

Members of this community are not in a hurry and this website's developer, Penina Petersen, is not encouraging users to jump on the website straight away to grab bargains. 

"It's Christmas every day of the year in the Savings Room. We are taking daily small and smart actions towards saving time, money and sanity over time. We believe you can still have it all without spending too much. We still deliver amazing Christmas presents to friends and family, but we do it at a fraction of the cost (even for free) and with a much lower pain threshold than what is on offer by the traditional, more stressful retail experience." says Penina, who has been slowly growing her community while being a stay-at-home mum. 

The Savings Room website, which now has over 5,000 users on its database, is a growing social network of smart and savvy consumers who are learning to be strategic shopping gurus. Mobile apps on offer at the site include Grocery Shop app and Table Tucker apps, for example. These apps will get a consumer in and out of a grocery store within ten minutes and release users from cooking duties four nights off the week.

But that's not all. This click-friendly website also offers over 6000+ savings tips in cheat sheet format, with many tips related to saving, rather than spending money at Christmas. A large number of free articles offer a holistic approach to saving money and cover topics ranging from 'how to budget' to 'how to cure a hangover.' 

Users can also download the free Savings Room Facebook-style mobile app which helps consumers share savings tips with friends on the run. 

"We help consumers to take a step back and think about their hourly and daily spending habits before rushing in. This forethought usually results in massive savings over time," says Penina. 

Penina encourages users to pop into the Savings Room some time before Christmas for a visit. There's no rush.