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AAPT delivers extreme performance with 80Mbps MBE

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Sydney, 4 December, 2012 - Telecommunications infrastructure company, AAPT, has launched its fastest Mid-Band Ethernet (MBE) service to date, with an Ethernet-over-copper service delivering up to 80Mbps*.

By leveraging existing copper infrastructure and doubling the maximum speed available for Mid-Band Ethernet services, AAPT’s MBE is delivering a highly cost-effective, business-grade Ethernet service for metropolitan and regional businesses, without the need for fibre builds.

AAPT CEO David Yuile said the new service provided speeds and features ideal for today’s rapidly-changing corporate requirements, particularly Cloud and IP Voice services, and supported the organisation’s extreme performance philosophy that applies across all business functions.

“Our new MBE service enables AAPT to deliver the fastest access yet to our business and carrier-grade network, without the need for fibre builds. This advances our market-leading status in delivering Australia’s best possible Ethernet-over-copper service,” Mr Yuile said.

“In 2007, we became the first telecommunications infrastructure company to deliver Mid-Band Ethernet with speeds of up to 40Mbps. We have now successfully improved our speed two-fold.

“The significance of the new MBE offering is that customers can experience fast business connection without the need for fibre, minimising costs and maximising productivity yet with greater speed and flexibility than traditional DSL connections," he said.

“As Ethernet is readily available on most existing routers and switches, customers are not hit with the extra connection costs and time delay associated with fibre.”

Available in 219 exchanges today and covering over 740,000 businesses, AAPT plans to have the service available in 267 exchanges by the end of 2013.


Louise Di Francesco - M: 0418 617 869 or E: louise.difrancesco@aapt.com.au

*Speed capability not supported on all services. Minimum network requirements apply. Availability of speed range and actual speed will vary due to many factors including distance from the exchange, condition of customer’s copper wiring, logical link speed, network capacity, customer hardware, software and websites visited.  Visit aapt.com.au/MBE for full details.

About AAPT

AAPT is one of Australia's leading telecommunications infrastructure companies, offering voice, data, cloud, internet and mobile services for business, government and wholesale customers, via its extensive national network.  AAPT is 100% owned by Telecom New Zealand and in the top 200 largest listed companies on the Australian Stock Exchange. AAPT is one of only three Australian telecommunications companies to own and operate national voice and data infrastructure and it has one of Australia’s most extensive and highest-quality IP networks.

AAPT is a business telecommunications infrastructure company that strives to deliver extreme performance across every level of the organisation. Its dedicated focus is on creating partnerships with its business customers unmatched by its competitors. For more information, visit www.aapt.com.au