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Wallmark Offers Privacy and Sound-proofing with Unique Front Fence Design Ideas

The ability to create a decorative feature across any yard at the same time as creating a noise barrier against street sounds can be a benefit to any homeowner. Wallmark offers an extensive range of panel fencing that can be ideal for generating unique front fence design ideas.

Creating a front fence that has the look of real masonry without the exorbitant price tag means that homeowners can achieve the look they want more easily. The panels are created in such a way that they provide a superior level of noise reduction, which is ideal for those living near busy roads. They’re also insulated, so there’s no heat transfer to worry about as they remain cool in any weather.

Using a unique modular design, Wallmark’s range of soundproof fence panels can be used to create a wall or fence that looks just like masonry, but it won’t suffer from cracks or tilting over time due to excessive weight. There are also no strip footings to worry about, which reduces costs and makes installation quite simple.

Instead, Wallmark’s fence panels are very lightweight, which makes them very easy to install between the reinforced posts. The convenient modular design lets homeowners create designs that suit their own individual styles, and each panel can be painted in a variety of textures, finishes and colours to create brilliant landscaping effects.

The prefabricated walls and fence panels available from Wallmark are all manufactured locally using durable materials that are fire and termite resistant. They’re also extremely sturdy, so there is no risk with rotting, warping or corrosion as there is with other types of fencing.

Wallmark has offices in most major cities and some regional locations across Australia. Their friendly team can assist with any installation information or assistance, along with providing unique fence design ideas to suit any home.

For more front fence design ideas using prefabricated walls, sound-proofing panels or garden feature walls, please visit: http://wallmark.com.au/