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Using ebook technology to enhance Value.able; the digital edition contains new interactivity, video commentary and screencasts.

The use of tablets and electronic books are enhancing the way we read and consume knowledge, giving readers access to more dynamic and interactive ways of learning. The digital edition of Value.able makes use of the technology inherent in ebooks to enhance the understanding about Roger Montgomery’s intrinsic valuation formula.

The best-selling second edition of Value.able now in digital format breaks the mould for investing books using dynamic examples, video commentary by Montgomery himself, screencasts from his trading desk and animated examples of listed companies that meet his criteria. The new format presents the three simple steps to successful value investing and online trading in an instructive and entertaining way.

Value.able digital edition is available through the iBookstore and Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Media copies of the Value.able digital edition are available on request. To request a copy please email media@readalongpublishing.com.

Roger Montgomery is particularly passionate about making successful stock market investing within the reach of everyone. Montgomery founded the boutique investment management office Montgomery Investment Management Pty Ltd, montinvest.com, in 2011 following a successful career as a fund manager, public company Chairman and most recently, best-selling author.

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