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AMTIL secures extended Enterprise Connect funding

Melbourne, 10 December 2012 – The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL) has secured an extension to its contracts with Enterprise Connect (EC) to assist the Commonwealth Government with the delivery of business reviews and access to technology and knowledge facilitation. The extension will run through to the end of June 2015.
The not-for-profit organisation, which represents the interests of manufacturing technology suppliers and users within the advanced and precision manufacturing sector, has been an Enterprise Connect Partner Organisation since 2010.
“The extended funding will allow us to continue offering solid assistance to our members and the wider manufacturing community,” AMTIL Project Manager Greg Chalker says. “The funding provides an important opportunity for our manufacturing sector to access assistance to help maintain their competiveness.”
Enterprise Connect is a Commonwealth Government initiative providing companies with connections and advice through a suite of targeted services and networks. These include business reviews and advice, grants to help businesses to engage researchers or workshops for industry to network and gain exposure to technology. EC has 12 centres around Australia and services small and medium-sized businesses in a number of sectors, including resources, manufacturing, defence, creative and tourism.
 “The Enterprise Connect initiative is an extremely useful and successful program,” Mr Chalker says. “I think it is successful for a number of reasons, but mainly because it is delivered by highly skilled and credentialed people with real-world experience direct from industry.”
What started with one Business Adviser in metro Melbourne 18 months ago soon led to AMTIL taking on two National Technology and Knowledge Connect Facilitators located in Brisbane and Adelaide.
“Our team of highly skilled Business Advisers and Facilitators can provide companies with a comprehensive business review, which is delivered on-site and free of charge,” Mr Chalker explains. “It is important to preserve and assist our manufacturers, and these services are invaluable to the individual businesses that access them. And, by strengthening such an important sector of our economy, they will be critical to the Australian economy.”
The advice service begins with a comprehensive business review which then opens doors connecting the business to all kinds of expertise, ranging from technology support to advice directly tailored to the recommendations of the business review. The Facilitators assist with inter-firm collaboration, cluster development and supply chain relationships, and help local businesses to access Enterprise Connect services and other industry programs to increase entrepreneurial capacity.
Moreover, AMTIL as an EC Partner Organisation can assist to imbed a researcher into a business to help with the realisation of commercially viable ideas and services. “Innovation needs to be more than just the generation of novel ideas or the dissemination of knowledge,” Mr Chalker says. “It is about making a change or doing something in a new way. Our Business Advisers and Facilitators can help small and medium businesses to commercialise their ideas, which in the long run will help Australia to maintain a competitive edge in manufacturing.”
More info: www.amtil.com.au, 0398003666