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Royal Wolf - keeping Coles cool

When McAlpine Hussmann Pty Ltd needed to provide a compact and permanent Refrigeration Plant System to Coles, Knox City, they turned to Royal Wolf for an expert solution - creating a unique power plant built using a 40ft modified Royal Wolf container.

Located on the roof of a two storey building, 15 metres high, the modified container based power plant was fitted out with refrigeration compressors, a switchboard and control panels plus 50mm acoustic lining to limit local noise pollution.

Installed to provide the supermarket with sufficient cooling capacity from a central plant, the plant ensures the store remains fully operational during an incident and all produce remains fresh.

“Given the site and time restrictions, we knew that a modified Royal Wolf container would provide us with an ideal and cost effective solution to house the power plant and meet the client’s needs.

“The size and durability of the container meant that we were able to quickly and effectively build the plant, fitting its vital electrical components including refrigeration compressors to cool instrumentation, and have it fully operational in next to no time,” says Brett Hedge from McAlpine Hussmann.

For Royal Wolf the use of containers to create a permanent refrigeration plant is another shining example of the versatility and application their products afford.

John Ahkin, Royal Wolf Business Development Manager - Melbourne, comments, “Creating a power plant from one of our containers illustrates the unique and varied way that our containers can be used. For McAlpine Hussmann it proved to be an effective, efficient and permanent solution.”

Royal Wolf containers continue to be used in a wide variety of ways. From portable exhibition spaces, temporary accommodation units and on-site offices, through to unique retail outlets and portable manufacturing facilities, Royal Wolf has an extensive range of off-the-shelf container solutions.