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CXC Payfields releases Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 & 2012 multi regional payroll.

CXC PayFields, for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 & 2012, is now available as the only true multi-region capable payroll module available for Microsoft Dynamics.  With support for over a dozen countries covering Australia & New Zealand, AsiaPac, the USA and Canada, CXC PayFields is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics AX and offers an incredibly powerful payroll engine and business rule compiler capable of processing thousands of employees in record time.

“The benefit for users is they can process payroll for all regions using the same user interface” said Gideon Vos - CTO CXC Payfields, “and CXC PayFields also offers continuous regional tax updates as part of the maintenance agreement with end users … a real bonus when managing multiple country sites.”


Fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 & 2012

Incredibly fast pay processing for quick turn-around

Support for over a dozen countries

Tax and Legislation updates included in maintenance plan

Single UI for all regions

Statutory reports and bank file export

Pay simulation runs


Advanced Salary packaging

Complete end-user customisation using natural-language business rules

“We spoke to many of our clients and prospects and the feed back on what they wanted, and needed, was fairly succinct,” said Bryan Lockyer - CEO CXC Payfields, “what we see in this latest release is an answer to their feedback and that of the very large global Dynamics AX community which until now hasn’t had these features available.”

Availability: CXC PayFields for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 & 2012 is available from January 2013

For further information contact:  
Emma Bunch  -  Global Operations Manager 
Phone: +852 3464 0214         Fax: +852 3464 0219  -  From:  Australia: 1300 720 614    NZ: 0800 400 036
Web:www.cxcglobal.com    Email:emma.bunch@cxcglobal.com

About CXC Global

CXC Global™, a leading supplier of contingent workforce solutions, every day helps thousands of organisations (and individual contractors) decrease costs and increase profits by providing innovative contractor management, compliance, risk mitigation, salary packaging, payroll and remuneration solutions.

Founded in 1992 CXC Global™ has offices on 5 continents and has led the development of new technologies and initiatives enabling both corporations and individual consultants to adapt in today’s high performance work environment.

CXC Global assists:

Businesses who want to reduce costs, mitigate employment risk, improve performance reporting and efficiency, and increase their talent pool while attracting and retaining the best and most flexible workforce.

Recruitment Companies who want focus on their core recruitment business by helping them minimise administration and improve the attraction and retention of contractors, reduce on-costs such as payroll tax and insurances, and reduce their risk in regards to employment, taxation and statutory laws.

Professional independent consultants who want to maximise their income and minimise their taxes while accumulating wealth with the least amount of administration. CXC Global™ provides personalised expert guidance and tailored remuneration solutions covering all available tax structures.

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About CXC Payfields

CXC Payfields™, is a leading developer of world class multi country pay roll systems. CXC Payfields™ vision is to provide Business Solutions vendors and implementation partners worldwide with Payroll Technology that streamlines implementation, enhances their product demand, and provides easily configurable, reliable and robust payroll processing everywhere.

Acquired by CXC Global in 2010, CXC Payfields™ has continued to develop world class business tools which enable users to seamlessly manage multi country payroll from within one familiar user interface.