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Ancestral connections inspired a modern online business for one Indigenous art lover.

Little did Cheryl Beasley know that researching her family tree over five years ago would lead her to a business selling Indigenous art.

While Cheryl was delving into her ancestry she discovered that her Grandfather was of aboriginal decent. Her Aboriginal heritage emerged in 1916 when her Aboriginal Great Grandmother married her Great Grandfather in Walcha, NSW under the rites of the Aboriginal Inland Mission.  “Nobody in the family had mentioned this to me so it was quite a surprise,” said Cheryl  “I was always interested in aboriginal dance, music and art but now that I had a real link I was even more curious about the culture”.


This led to finding out more about the modern aboriginal artists that were emerging from Central Australia around Alice Springs, particularly the artists from the Utopia region. Cheryl and her husband took a trip to the Northern Territory, bought some pieces of art and then opened their online gallery to the public five years ago.

“The beauty of modern indigenous art is that it blends well with modern décor and can make a wonderful statement alone or grouped on a wall. While adding visual beauty to a room they are also valuating, what more could you ask for from a painting?” adds Cheryl.


Artists from the Utopia region have been doing work of vibrant colour and design and Cheryl’s online gallery, Indigenous Instyle, represent works of this nature.  All the paintings purchased from Indigenous Instyle come with a Certificate of Authenticity if available and with photos of the work with the artist. “You can be assured our paintings are authentic and original. Indigenous Instyle is a boutique gallery that is discerning in our art choices. We stock well known collectible works from popular Aboriginal artists and stand by a commitment of quality and exceptional service.” Says Cheryl.


Indigenous Instyle is a member of the Indigenous Art Code, a body that over sees the Indigenous art industry ensuring members abide by a code of ethics and are transparent in their business dealings.