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A network of promotional websites to help support WAHMs, just what the new year ordered!

Gold Coast entrepreneurs, Cheryl Beasley and her daughter, Rashelle, have created a network of services to guide, support and help WAHM’s promote their small businesses for no or little cost.

Gold Coast entrepreneurs, Cheryl Beasley and her daughter, Rashelle are passionate about small Australian online businesses, especially Work at Home Mums (WAHM’s). That’s why over the last three years they have created a network of services to guide, support and help WAHM’s promote their small businesses for no or little cost.

“We’ve both run small businesses ourselves so we know how difficult it can be to get your business off and running, says Cheryl.”

Women own over 585 thousand of the 2 million small businesses in Australia and 46% of these women run their business from home. In fact women setting up home businesses is the fastest growing segment of small business in Australia. “It goes without saying that these women need advice, guidance and support and most importantly real promotion for their business.” Adds Cheryl.

To service the needs of WAHMs Cheryl and Rashelle have set up three, very different websites aimed to support WAHM’s in their business startup and ongoing growth.

The first website, All About Biz is a free to join site that has a wealth of information and links to further information. For instance the site has a comprehensive list of awards run throughout Australia specifically for small online businesses, it lists Facebook sites that help WAHM’s, shows you where to get funding and grants, how to wholesale and get your products into the major shops, gives you up to date information on how to set out your website, gives you all the media connections in Australia and much more. “All About Biz is an in depth resource specifically for WAHM’s who run online businesses. This is the firs step in our promotional network and has been deliberately created to be simple, easy to navigate and intimate in its delivery.” Says Cheryl.

The second website in the system, Aussie Product Review another free service, gives WAHM’s the real promotion they need to grow their business reach and have their products reviewed in an unbiased and honest way. “We actually really do review the products and test them in the way they are to be used by consumers, says Cheryl, so you know the opinions are true.” The service now offers a new ‘giveaway promotion’ in conjunction with the review and this gives WAHMs even more of an audience for their products. “We have a social media network of over 10,000 followers who share our passion for small business, so reviews reach a wide and diverse amount of people,” adds Cheryl.

The third and newest addition to the promotional network is the online marketplace, Revel In It.  “We’re exceptionally proud of Revel In It as it epitomises all of what we are trying to achieve, promote small Australian businesses.” This website has only been running in full use for three months and Revel In It already has over 400 products listed by over forty businesses, supporting the reasons Cheryl and Rashelle started their entire promotional network of websites, to give small Australian businesses the guidance, support and resources to succeed and grow.

You can visit these websites here: