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Kenelm Tonkin leading writer, thinker and business forecaster

KenelmTonkin.com, a new online publication for business professionals, was officially launched today by business media and services group Tonkin Corporation.

The informative website features engaging business insights, thought leadership and the advice of a world-leading entrepreneur.

KenelmTonkin.com provides informative and timely resources for business professionals. The website has more than 50 articles, blogs posts and thought postings on key issues and news within the areas of entrepreneurship, marketing,sales,publicity, human resources, capital raisingand business strategy.  These core topics are in addition to musings on politics, political philosophy and modern art, to name just a fraction of the content the site offers the intelligent reader.

The website is authored by Kenelm Tonkin, one of Australia’s best-known business forecasters who is respected for the sharp commercial insights he offers in his regular Australian Financial Review column. Kenelm’s business forecasting talent distils complex information, spots emerging opportunities and reframes business questions to reveal reliable answers about the future. His writings offer penetrating insights about business, investing and what it takes to be an extraordinary provider.

The quality of Kenelm’s business writings are evidenced in his own successful enterprises with offices in the US, Asia and Australia. He is Chairman of the Tonkin Corporation, who has been recognised three times by a leading Australian publication Business Review Weekly as a Fast 100 company.

To view Kenlem’s articles, blog posts, social commentary and amusing writings on some of life’s most enjoyable diversions, along with experiencing his business acumen visit:  www.kenelmtonkin.com

For those interested in just one business area, please view content directly via the following links:

Entrepreneurship http://www.kenelmtonkin.com/pages?id=101

Marketing, Sales, Publicity http://www.kenelmtonkin.com/pages?id=108

Human Resources http://www.kenelmtonkin.com/pages?id=107

Capital Raising http://www.kenelmtonkin.com/pages?id=106

Business Strategy http://www.kenelmtonkin.com/pages?id=103


Kenelm Tonkin can be contacted via Tonkin Corporation LLC:

Email                     tonkin@tonkincorporation.com

Address                               305 Madison Avenue, Suite 1735, New York NY 10165 USA

Phone                   +1 646 652 6551


Tonkin Corporation LLC

Tonkin Corporation LLC is an investment company. Its portfolio businesses are led by experienced managers and offer conferences, training, data management, subscriber databases, marketing services, commercial offices and venture capital.


Tonkin Corporation

Tonkin Corporation is a business media and services group of 10 companies offering events, data management, publishing, commercial offices and venture capital. The events division boasts a portfolio of 160 annual business conferences thus far held in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, India and the United States. The data division offers data management services and the largest subscription-based B2B database in Australia.