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AASCA announces D’Ancap as official cup supplier, Australian coffee championships

The Australian distributor of Ancap cups, Casa Espresso, and d’Ancap are thrilled to be on board as a corporate sponsor of the Australasian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA) in an agreement that sees d’Ancap as the preferred cup supplier to AASCA.
D’Ancaps cups are 100 percent designed and made in Italy for more than fifty years and are kiln-fired at 1400 degrees Celsius to ensure a quality product that won’t chip or fade.
“Cup quality is paramount as it can also affect heat retention”, explains Antony de Fina of Casa Espresso.
D’Ancaps work in consultation with professional baristas in order to design cups to meet their specifications, for example, Antony tells us, “we know that the quality of the porcelain and even the shape of the cup has the ability to affect the longevity of the crema”.
The d’Ancaps Torino range of cups is the official cup for the 2013 Australian Pura Latte Art Championship and the Palermo range, specifically designed for competition use working in with the World Barista Championship guidelines, is the official cup for the 2013 Australian DaVinci Chain Barista Championship.
“We are equally thrilled to have these guys on board”, says AASCA president Craig Dickson.
“They are the official cup supplier for the 2013 World Latte Art Championship, so it’s a quite fitting for us, and particularly for the competitors”, he says.



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