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Video Marketing Produces Staggering Statistics in 2012

Video marketing and production firm serving Gold Coast and Brisbane reveals what these statistics mean to small, medium, and large businesses.

Until 2009, online advertising was almost non-existent. According to a report from ContentWise, through 2008, online advertising was so small in scope that it was virtually non-existent in content marketing industry stats. All content advertising was done in print.

In 2009, the first online and video advertising showed up in mainstream use, with businesses spending $30.9 billion on print, $12.1 billion online, and $4.2 billion in the “other” category, which includes events and video.  The numbers remained relatively stable in the next two years, but 2012 represented a “tipping point” for the video component of online marketing.

We are still a month or so away from having some of the stats we want to see from 2012, but the projections and stats that are available are very encouraging for video marketing. At the beginning of 2012, businesses were asked whether they planned to spend more, the same, or less on seven different content marketing media.

The largest percentage, 54%, said that they would increase spending on video content. The next-largest number, at 35%, was for virtual events and website updates, which both received that number. 54% is a huge increase, and would be an impressive number for any medium or any industry segment.

The actual numbers for 2012 aren’t in yet, but the overall industry stats that are available from 2012 indicate that the projected rise may have been too conservative. An infographic from Brainshark contains stats from the US, but US stats have been found to usually mirror most English-speaking countries, including Australia.

According to the report, 53% of the population viewed video online during 2012, for a total of 167 million viewers. Of those viewers, 54.6 million used their mobile devices to watch the videos. In surveys, respondents usually report that they retain information from videos longer than they do with the written word.

Videos are now the sixth-most popular online marketing medium, with approximately 70% of marketers using them. Online videos can be used to sell brands, services, features, or products. They can also be used to educate the public, by sharing commentary, tips, or ideas. Some of the most effective videos are those that entertain by delivering content that makes people laugh.

According to Michael Hanson, Creative Director and Founder of Video Labs, the numbers from 2013 could easily surpass those from 2012: “We’re not surprised by any of these numbers. We had a great year last year, and we are on a pace to grow even more this year. We have plenty of testimonials from satisfied customers who have seen traffic to their websites skyrocket from using professionally produced videos to deliver their marketing to the public. Everyone loves a good story, and what better way is there to tell a good story than a professionally crafted video.”

Hanson continued, “We are getting a lot of people to page one of Google, and we have had great viral activity on many of our videos. YouTube provides a huge marketing leverage for large, medium, or small businesses for two reasons: First, videos are the fastest way to get to page one of Google, giving a huge return on investment. Second, people have a tendency to share videos with their friends on social networks. This gets more views and produces some great backlinks for your website.”

Hanson concluded, “Video marketing makes ‘the’ difference.”

Video Labs specialises in video production and video marketing, especially in the Brisbane and the Gold Coast markets. To learn how easy it is for your business to utilise video, call 1300 881 783 or check out their website:  http://videolabs.com.au/.