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Aptus Australia unveils new branding reflecting expanded cloud, security and identity and access management (IAM) solutions

8 MARCH 2013, BRISBANE Global ICT companyAptus International Services has recently announced a complete corporate identity revamp, including an innovative new website reflecting its expanded stable of integrated ICT services and solutions and fresh, forward-facing focus.

National growth

With its acquisition late last year of certain IP, assets and staff of an established national ICT security company and two Brisbane-based cloud businesses, Aptus’s Australian footprint morphed rapidly from its head office in Brisbane to offices, infrastructure and staff in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. This now positions Aptus as one of only a handful of Australian companies specialising in both cloud computing and security, identity and access management (IAM) services, two areas with increasingly expanding overlap.

Cloud and security as a service

The rapid uptake of cloud-based SaaS services has left a bit of a chasm for businesses when it comes to management of the core identity and access functions involved,” says Aptus CEO Chris Spies. “Traditional security models aren’t cutting it in terms of flexibility, scalability or cost and the need is urgent for IAM solutions that provide businesses with secure account provisioning across cloud and on-premise environments at the same time.”

Integrated ICT

Based on a firmly established foundation of strategic ICT consulting services, Aptus’s full suite of offerings now encompasses cloud computing, security, identity and access management (IAM), infrastructure, enterprise mobility and ICT resources. With no two companies at the same point on their “journey to the cloud”, Aptus constructs a unique solution that integrates cloud services - including identity-as-a-service - with existing systems and applications to create a coherent, optimised ICT environment. This entrenches Aptus’s focus as a strategic, vendor-agnostic partner to its clients, with its unique position at the intersection of business and technology enabling delivery of innovative, best-of-breed solutions in a sustainable way.

Poised for the future

At a time when many businesses have chosen to freeze in the cold face of uncertain economic climes, Aptus has chosen the road less travelled. “The Aptus ethos has always been about bold reinvention,” notes Chris - a sentiment echoed in the company’s new tagline: ‘Just Innovation’. “Business intelligence dictates that the flipside of any economic downturn is good opportunity to strategically grow your business, increase your revenue and prepare your operations for the inevitable upswing. And that is what we are doing at Aptus.”

Fresh life

The revamping of Aptus’s operations and corporate identity is a visual reflection of the culmination of a period of intensive internal restructuring. With a fresh identity, new website, expanded business and staff units and a tightly honed focus, Aptus has a finger firmly on the pulse of change and a keen eye on the horizon of ‘next generation today’ ICT innovation.

About Aptus International Services

Established in 1999, Aptus International Services is a full-service global ICT consultancy with Australian operations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Operating at the intersection of business and technology, Aptus provides strategic cloud, security, identity and access management (IAM) and enterprise mobility solutions that enable smooth, sustainable operations, increased productivity and profitable growth for its clients. Visit www.aptus.com.au for more information.

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